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There are around 70 PR agencies in Devon, mostly around larger towns such as Torquay and Exeter. 

Many of these are smaller businesses and freelancers working from home.  

As the larger agencies tend to be in nearby cities such as Plymouth or Bristol to the north. 

There are around 50 marketing companies in Devon that offer public relations as part of a range of marketing services such as branding, graphic design, and web design services.  

There are a range of PR companies in Devon that have a specific industry focus.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Devon that know your industry sector.

Choosing A Local Company

Devon does have a wide range of agencies and there are plenty of PR agencies in Cornwall to the west.  

However selecting the right one is not easy.

All agencies different, different in size, in experience, in approach so care needs to be taken to find the right agency to suit your business.  Some are members of the CIPR, some are not.

PR is all about communication and effective PR means a good understanding.  

For this reason a meeting is wise.  This gives the chance for you to get to know the agency.  To ensure they are what they claim, meet the team and form a clear impression of them.  

But it also gives a opportunity for them to get to know you. Many agencies prefer e-mail contact and not meeting clients.  

As this saves time and leaves room for more clients.  However to get maximum value, push for a meeting. 

Getting as much value as possible is essential in today’s culture of recession and economic downturn.

Choosing  PR agencies in Devon that have experience in your industry is also important.  

As this will ensure they know what they are doing.

Experience also means they know the media in your sector, meaning they should be able to achieve quicker results.  Website designers in Devon can support your media campaign.

Compare Quotes

Comparing prices is something that is essential in today’s society, bearing in mind that all firms are in business to make money it is wise to shop around and compare PR prices from local agencies.  

Generally speaking, the larger the agency, the higher their fees will be; this is not just because of their experience, but their staff costs, their profit margins, and their office costs.  

Paying more for PR does not guarantee better results, just a higher bill at the end of the month.

A Few Words About Devon

It is a county in the south west of England and has a population of just over a million according to council information.

The name comes from the Celtic people living in the area as described by the Romans as ‘deep valley dwellers’.

To the west is the separate county of Cornwall, although sometimes they are classed together as ‘Devon & Cornwall’, possibly because of administrative convenience, and the fact that they form a peninsula.  

It is mainly a rural county and is extensively owned by the military (Dartmoor & Exmoor) for troop training, tank exercises and live ammunition training.  

It is famous for cream teas and Devon custard; due to the fertility of the soil the grass provides good grazing, yielding high quality milk and cream from the local cows.

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