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It is wise to use someone local to handle your public relations, as there are numerous PR agencies in Gloucester, why not talk to a few and get some quotes?  

There are also a few smaller PR companies in Cheltenham nearby that could be suited?

Fill in the form and get free advice and quotes from 5 PR companies in Gloucester that have experience in your industry sector.

Local Marketing Experts

There are over 10 PR agencies in Gloucester, which for the number of people in the area is quite small.

Mostly they are smaller agencies, and many have been swallowed up into larger marketing companies.  They also offer a host of other services alongside public relations such as web design and branding.  

It does have a high number of freelancers that work out of their homes doing press releases and copywriting; this is due to being a rural area it is seen as a retreat from the rat race.

Choosing A Local Firm

Being based in Gloucester it makes sense to use a local agency rather than an someone that is 2-3 hours drive away.  Having face to face contact is preferable as campaigns need to be discussed.  

It is  essential that the firm understands your business inside and out, and for this reason having a meeting is something of a must.  Since COVID-19 this is difficult, but still is advised where possible.  The alternative is a ZOOM call.

This also gives a really good chance to quiz the firm on exactly how well they understand your market.  Also how much they know about your products/services and how you might beat your competitors.

Compare Costs

As it is considered a ‘backwater’ city, PR prices should be cheaper than agencies that are based in more central cities; however getting quotes is essential.  Certainly in today’s society of price comparison it does make sense to look around and compare quotes before making a decision on who to use.

Gloucester In A Few Words

It is the County Town of the county of Gloucestershire, and is in South West England. The city was founded around 97 AD by the Romans.  

Gloucester was known for its wool industry back in medieval times; however these days it has a strong aerospace and financial industry, for example it is home of the building society Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Gloucester cathedral was founded around 681 AD and the present cathedral is well over a thousand years old.  Much of the cathedral was used in the Harry Potter films from the author JK Rowling.

The University Of Gloucestershire has helped draw in new talent from around the UK and the city has around 120,000 inhabitants according to the council website.

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