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There are 40 PR agencies in Maidstone most of which are small boutique agencies and freelance copywriters.  

Due to it’s location, it has a high number of full service marketing companies that offer public relations services along with other services such as graphic design, web and advertising.  

There are also a number of PR companies in Maidstone that target specific industry sectors.  Should you need website help, there are a number of small website designers in Sevenoaks and Maidstone that may be of interest?

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Maidstone that work in your industry sector.

Using A Local Agency

There are hundreds of PR agencies in Kent.  It makes sense to use a local company, as opposed to one towards Dover or London in the other direction.  

Working locally brings the advantage of loyalty, as most local businesses do go the extra mile due to the added accountability there is with local business, related to reputation.  

Another advantage of using a local firm is the opportunity to meet with them easily, perhaps on a monthly basis or just infrequently; this ensures that they will produce steady results, as they would not like clients meeting them with nothing to show for the money they have spent.  

Another reason for having regular meetings is to chat about industry experience; something that is essential in the media world.

Compare Quotes

The main reason for comparing prices is due to all agencies quoting different costs; as all PR companies in Maidstone are independent.  

They all set their own fees based on their overheads, profits, staff numbers and the type of campaign to be mounted.  It is wise to obtain advice and multiple quotes, to provide you with different campaign ideas and different prices.  PR prices vary considerably, so we advise it is best to shop around and compare quotes.

A Glance At Maidstone

It is the county town of Kent, situated on the River Medway, and is the hub of activity for the county, which is known as ‘the garden of England’.  

There is evidence of the early Saxons having settlements in the area and also Roman occupation, the main road being Roman and also examples of Roman villas. Since 1797 there have been army barracks in the city, and currently the Royal Engineers and two Gurkha regiments are stationed here.  

It has a population of just under 100,000 people according to council data, and has the largest paper recycling factory in Europe.  A key feature in the city is Leeds Castle (see picture), which is a popular venue for day trips, weddings and corporate functions.

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