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There are over 10 PR agencies in Newcastle, ranging from smaller firms up to larger companies that work on large press projects for global companies.  Alongside the range of PR agencies there are also multi-skilled marketing companies that offer PR services alongside other areas of marketing, such as advertising, web design and brochure creation, giving companies a real variety of expertise.  There are also several PR companies in Newcastle that have a specific industry focus.

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Choosing Someone Local

With so many PR agencies in Newcastle, it seems silly to use an agency that is further away; if there are plenty to choose from locally why not keep it local?  There is the added benefit of the loyalty that comes with working with a local supplier.  As opposed to one you have never met and maybe only talked to on the phone a few times.  Local firms have a reputation with local businesses to maintain. In addition, meetings are an important factor to consider.  As much communication is non verbal it does mean you are missing out if you do not have face to face meetings.

When choosing an agency, care needs to be given to their experience.  Do they know your industry?  Have they a track record in your market place?  If PR agencies in Newcastle have a background of your market, then the chances are that they will get you better results quicker.  They are more likely to know exactly the publications to get you in, and who to speak to.

Compare Prices From PR Agencies In Newcastle

As all PR companies in Newcastle are different, all charge different rates.  This can be due to varying levels of overheads and staff costs, but also market expertise and the prestige of the company can be factored in.  Recession is effecting all businesses.  By comparing PR prices you should be able to find the best local company, providing the best campaign and for the best price possible.

A Few Words About Newcastle

Newcastle is the largest city in Tyne & Wear, or Northumberland as it was until 1974, and is famous for its coal and its Newcastle brown ale.  These days it is a thriving metropolis. Since the coal and fishing industry declined it has reinvented itself into being a hub in the North.  Newcastle has over a million people living in the city limits and as the University grows, more students are moving into the city, and afterwards remaining in the area to find work.

Newcastle has always been a popular city; from Roman times there were over 2,000 living here, due to its close proximity to Hadrian’s Wall and the border lands, and after them the Normans came to build one of their castles, Newcastle Castle, by the son of William the Conqueror.

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