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There are about 11 PR agencies in Orpington; many of these agencies are smaller public relations companies.  

Some larger marketing companies that offer PR as part of a range of marketing services, such as graphic design work, web services and digital. 

As it is very close to London (just to the south east) many PR agencies in London can cater for businesses in and around the town, but generally the personal contact is better.  

There are also many larger PR companies around Maidstone that could be suited? 

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Choosing A Local Contact

There are many benefits that come with working with a local agency, the main one being loyalty.  If they are down the road, then they are more likely to work harder as they will be seeing you regularly and having review meetings to discuss progress.

Accountability is something that is important in today’s world, and as the recession is affecting businesses around London, the need for effective coverage is essential.

Meetings play a big part in accountability.  Even in today’s technological age of smart phones, e-mail and conference calling; nothing can beat sitting in front of someone and reading their body language.

Compare Prices

There are two things to consider when choosing PR agencies in Orpington, results and price. 

If the agency is cheap, but cannot get results, then money is wasted; equally, if they are very expensive yet achieve results, then savings can be made. PR costs can vary, from a few hundred pounds a month up to tens of thousands; so finding the right one, that is local, and can produce results is what is required.

In the UK there are over 5,000 PR agencies, and generally finding someone local is best; however as there are only a handful in town, using someone from a little further afield may well be necessary.

A Few Words About Orpington

There is strong evidence that it has been populated for at least two thousand years; with the discovery of stone tools in Goddington Park and The Ramsden Estate. 

When Ramsden Boys School was built in 1956, the remains of an iron age farmstead, with pottery fragments, was found; and there is also the remains of Crofton Roman villa and a Roman Bath House.

Orpington has just over 15,000 people in the area, and it was drawn into the London sprawl during 1962.  Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist, came from here and there is also a fine example of a medieval house (The Priory) in town, that was owned by the Chaplin to King Cnut in 1032.

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