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There are about 10 PR agencies in Swindon, most of which are smaller agencies and freelancers who support local businesses and customers close to the town. 

In addition Swindon also has around 15 marketing companies that offer media support as part of a broader range of marketing services, such as website development and design, to larger businesses around the area.  

There are a few PR companies in Swindon that just focus on one industry sector.  If you needed help with your website, there are a few website designers in Swindon that could help.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Swindon that know your industry sector.

Choosing A Local Agency

There are a few considerations that need to be given before selecting an agency:

  • Are they local? Meetings these days have become less common, as e-mail and ‘phones have taken over, reducing the need to have face to face contact.  However, relationships are a core part of public relations as you need to understand the agency and to meet the team; and they need to know you, and to see where and how you work.
  • Experience – Has the agency done work in your industry before?  Have they got connections to the kind of publications in your sector?  Many agencies do focus on niche industries so doing some research into their background is wise, in order to find one that can provide good support.
  • Size – Pick a PR agency that is the right size for your company.  If you are a new/small company, then a large PR firm that works with global companies may not be suitable.  If your business is international, then a small firm with 3 staff may not have the reach or clout that you need.
  • Fees – All agencies set different rates, so looking around and comparing PR prices is a wise move.

Compare Quotes

There are over 5,000 PR agencies around the UK and all have different rates for their services.

  • Monthly

Some operate on a month by month basis so invoice at the end of the month for the services they provide.  Generally there is a sign up period of 2-3 months, and then pay as you go thereafter.

  • Annual

Some have a more long term approach, so require you to sign a year long contract; this may be necessary for large and complex campaigns that take time.

  • Pay On Results

Some have started running pay on results schemes, which considering the economic situation at the moment is proving popular due to the low risk.

It is always wise to shop around and compare costs from PR agencies in Swindon; there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a firm, as mentioned above, but cost always plays a big part.

A Few Words About Swindon

Swindon is a  large town in Wiltshire on the M4 between London and Bristol.  Famous for the Honda manufacturing site, which is closing, the population is around 150,000 according to the local council.  It was always quite a small town until the Industrial Revolution hit in the 18th century with the growth of the railways.

The railway industry died away around 1960, as much of the rail industry did in the UK, but thanks to David Murphy John, it did attract new employers into the town leading to a diversity of economy today.  Swindon retail outlet is bringing new focus into the area.

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