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There are over 100 PR agencies in Yorkshire, some of which are large PR companies that deal with global clients and brands, some that are small boutiques, and some freelancers.  

Yorkshire also has around 1000 marketing companies who in addition offer other marketing services, such as graphic and website design.

If you needed web support there are website designers around Yorkshire that can support your PR campaign via the internet and social media.  

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Choosing A Local Agency

Selecting a suitable agency for your campaign is not easy, as there are hundreds to choose from. All PR agencies in Yorkshire are different sizes, all have different track records and skills, all offer different rates and promises.

  • Location

Selecting a local firm is always a good strategy, so that not only can you visit their offices, to get a feel for them, but they also have the opportunity visit yours, so they can best understand your products/services, meet your team and understand your business ethos.

  • Industry Experience

Choosing an agency that has a track record in your sector is very wise; all carry different backgrounds and have contact with different media groups, so choosing one that has worked in your industry is important.  Some firms work in niche industries, such as healthcare, farming, marine, FMCG, retail, music and fashion, but some have a more varied background.

  • Cost

All set their own rates, there is no standard PR prices, they do vary depending on the agency.  Generally smaller agencies charge less, as they have lower running costs; larger agencies tend to charge more as they have higher staff costs, more facilities, possibly company cars and expensive offices.

Meeting An Expert

Before deciding on which agency to work with, it is important to visit them.

There are many companies that use ‘virtual offices’ to give the impression of being large competent companies, but actually may work from a bedroom.  So by visiting them you can ensure that they are what they claim to be.

Visiting also gives you the chance to see where they work, how they work and meet the account manager you will be dealing with. 

Many PR agencies in Yorkshire opt for working via e-mail, as they can juggle more clients if they do not need to meet them.  Which means more profit, which is good for them, but not great for you. 

In times of recession, you need to ensure that you get as much value as possible for the money you have invested.

Having a meeting at your offices/site does give them an insight into how your company works and a good feel for the culture of the company, which should lead to better media coverage.

A Few Words About Yorkshire

It is the largest county in the UK and is based in the north east of England; the population is around 5.3 million with 4 councils.

Yorkshire has become widely known as ‘God’s Own County’, especially by those who live there, and has the white rose as its emblem.  This has origins as the emblem of the House of York, dating from before the time of  the 15th century War of the Roses between the Houses of Lancaster and York.  

The capital city is York, and other main cities include Hull, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield. Yorkshire has seen much change due to Man’s involvement and impact on the county.  

The first recorded to play their part were the Celts who lived as two separate tribes, the Brigantes and the Parisii, around 45 AD.  

The next to arrive were the Romans, who brought roads and communication to the North of England. When the Romans left around 350 AD, the Anglo Saxons took over.

The Vikings came around 866 AD and established Yorvik or York as the capital. Indeed, for a while it was the capital of England.

When the Normans arrived in 1066 they also added their mark, chiefly in the form of the Norman castle, to the landscape of Yorkshire.

The Normans never really left, as Britain has not been invaded since 1066, and as the Normans bred with the locals, it developed into the county it is today. 

A county of the Sunday Roast, centred on the celebrated Yorkshire Pudding, Yorkshire tea, cricket, textiles, and a friendliness that is seldom rivalled in other areas of Great Britain.

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