PR For Agricultural Companies

PR For Agricultural Companies

PR Support For Your Farming Company

The UK has hundreds of farms, agricultural companies and farming businesses.  PR for agricultural companies is essential, both for national growth, but also to keep Britain producing food over it being imported from cheaper overseas markets.  

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Public Relations For Your Farm

It is used by different agricultural companies in different ways, depending on the needs with each one.  For one farming company it could be for promotion, to another it could be to lease with the industry or mainstream media.  

The media can be used for many different purposes, not just marketing and promotion.  public relations for farms is an important part of marketing for farms, as it generates media exposure and interest on a local and national level.  The NFU is always looking for ways to help support and promote farms.

How Much Would Media Support Cost?

The cost of media representation depends on three factors:

  • What would it be for?
  • How much media coverage is needed?
  • The agency that is selected, as all have different rates and profit margins

It is wise to approach several agencies for advice and quotes.  PR prices do vary considerably as all agencies set their own fees.  As a price comparison website, we do encourage shopping around for quotes.  We want to help you get the best media agency for the lowest price.

Selecting An Agency

When considering PR agencies for farms, it is best to select one that already has experience in the sector; if they have worked for clients in the agricultural sector in the past they are likely to know the relevant media, and to have the necessary contacts. 

They should be in a position to show if they have a track record of success, rather than being ‘just another agency’, of which there are thousands.

The Need For Industry Experience

This farming sector is unique, as is the associated media.  This is why finding an agency that has worked in the agricultural sector for similar clients is important.  

Public relations agencies that work with the agricultural sector will know the farming press, they will have contacts with farming media organisations.

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