PR For Cosmetics Companies

PR For Cosmetics CompaniesPublic Relations For Makeup Businesses

PR for cosmetics companies is essential in this busy and highly competitive market sector.  

The issue is finding the right public relations agency, as there are hundreds in the UK, each with different sector experience.  

We always advise talking with agencies that have done PR for cosmetics companies in the past.  The media campaign does need to be linked into the website design and message for marketing continuity.

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Cosmetic Use In The UK

The cosmetics sector is huge; almost without exception all women, and increasingly some men, wear make-up.  As the UK population swells so too does the use of your cosmetics products. Women from all walks of life, even school children, are wearing makeup.

It is reported that women shop for new makeup around 5 times per year, and spend roughly £23 each time, bringing a lifetime spend to around £9,000.   PR is a great way to promote your company in the UK media.  Leading companies include Mac and Charlotte Tilbury

Makeup As Gifts

Makeup is becoming very popular as gifts due to the growth of the internet.  Birthdays and Christmas are great opportunities for your to promote your products, especially as gift packs that are simple for men to pick up as a gift.  Although brand is important when considering buying makeup as a gift.

Marketing For Makeup

Different makeup brands are using a variety of marketing tools to generate exposure and brand awareness:

  • TV Advertising
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Magazine Advertising
  • Social Media

PR for cosmetics companies is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing, and can be used both by leading brands and startups.  The popular brands,  such as L’Oreal and Max Factor do a lot of marketing through the above advertising channels.

Media Focus

Due to the competitive nature of the makeup industry, it is important for each business to be seen above the competition.  Due to the fact that the industry is dominated by the big brands advertising on TV and other mainstream advertising routes, the smaller firms do need to carve out a niche.

Public relations is a good option for smaller cosmetics firms to consider due to its very targeted nature.  There are lots of magazines that are beauty orientated, mainly women’s magazines, and these would be good places for media articles.  

PR for cosmetics firms is very cost effective, and there is a wide variety of magazines to get articles into.

Choosing An Agency

Due to the nature of the makeup sector, it is wise for you to consider PR agencies that have a background in the beauty sector.  This way they should already have established contacts within the industries media circles, and should be in a position to get you quicker results.

There are many PR companies around the UK that have a background in the beauty industry, both with larger and smaller cosmetics firms; these would be the ones to talk with.

Compare Multiple Quotes

All public relations agencies set their own rates, therefore PR prices will vary from each agency.  We do recommend seeking advice from several companies and comparing public relations costs so as to avoid overspending.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best media agency, for the lowest price.

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