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PR For Education CompaniesPublic Relations For Education

PR for education is becoming more popular as the education sector continues to grow and expand.  

The issue is finding the right agency to work with, as there are so many public relations agencies in the UK to choose from.  We always advise talking with ones that do PR for education businesses.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local PR companies that have experience of the education sector.

UK Education Industry

The industry is wide and quite diverse, consisting of nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities.  This is not including spin-off businesses that support and help the education sector, such as suppliers, caterers and travel companies.  Central to the industry is OFSTED and the department of education.

Many would say that the education industry is a niche market; however it is a large sector that has a culture all of its own.

This sector needs focused media support to ensure that the right message is communicated effectively.  Public relations is all about communication, and getting the message right in the education industry is important. due to the sector being under such close watchful eyes as a result of government targets, legislation and investment.

It is advisable to work with a public relations company that has experience of the education industry.  This will ensure you get the best results, and the best return on investment.  

PR agencies that work in the industry will have established contacts within the key media channels, which will allow you to get your campaign up and running quickly, without the problems of  climbing the learning curve that would come from an inexperienced agency.  

PR for education companies really needs an experience expert.

On-line Media Exposure

On-line PR is very popular due to it being so affordable.  It is good to have an experienced agency to look over your material before submitting it.  However if you are a good writer, you may feel sufficiently confident to put together your own press releases and submit them yourself. 

On-line media coverage ranges from being free to costing around £40 per release; so for companies in the sector that are watching their budgets, it is a good option.

Choosing A Local Agency

Around the UK there are PR companies that have the education industry background you require and the media contacts.  

Choosing someone that has done marketing for schools may also be helpful.  It is about choosing the most appropriate agency to support your campaign, provide you with the best advice, and support as you market to the industry.  Whether you want to communicate to schools, universities or other areas of the market.  public relations for schools is very important.

Advice To The Sector

It is advisable to compare PR prices from a range of agencies when considering who to use.  All charge differently for their services and so prices will vary.  As a price comparison website, we do encourage shopping around for quotes.

It is best to work with a public relations agency that knows and understands the industry media, that way there will be no learning curve, and they should be able to hit the ground running, producing quicker and better results.  PR for education companies can be very affordable, just fill in the form to see.

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