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PR for fitness companies is very important, as the fitness sector continues to grow year on year.  

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The fitness industry is growing rapidly in the UK as the nation moves towards improved lifestyle and health.  More gyms are starting up and memberships on the whole are going up.

Personal training companies are flourishing as an extra resource for people that feel they need additional motivation and support on a one to one basis.  

Fitness companies like Les Mills and Zumba are great for providing fitness classes.  This all helps in the PR for fitness companies as something other than just going to the gym.

Marketing In The Fitness Industry

Most fitness companies have websites in place.  If anything as a on-line resource for visitors to get a feel for the services, location and gym facilities will offer.  This could be for a large gym or for a personal training business.

As the fitness industry is growing, the need to market is growing more and more important.

PR Exposure For Fitness

Most fitness companies start off at the bottom.  As one or two training coaches that decide to go it alone and offer PT sessions (personal training).

As such, funding for marketing is difficult during the early days.

PR for fitness companies is a great marketing tool for these smaller health companies to use.  As generally speaking it is very affordable, very targeted and brings great results.

Public relations is all about spreading a message; and as most work in a restricted geographical area – the media message can be directed to local advertising mediums (on-line directories, local newspapers).

Choosing An Agency

The issue facing many fitness companies, is that there are so many agencies to choose from.  

Top PR agencies in London that work with global businesses around the world, freelance consultants that work from their homes.  So how to select the right one to work with?

The main factor to consider is the agencies industry experience, do they know anything about  marketing for fitness companies, have they worked in the industry and do they have current clients in the sector? 

Choosing an agency that knows the industry is only logical.  If they have worked with companies in the sector before  they would be in a better position to represent you in the media.

They will know the media publications to talk to, know the contacts at health magazines such as:

  • Men’s Health
  • Fitness RX
  • Flex
  • Muscle & Fitness

As the agency knows the contacts and media groups – they should be able to get quicker results and more effective press coverage.

How Much Does PR For Fitness Companies Cost?

Most agencies are happy to take on smaller projects and grow with them into larger campaigns.

PR costs can be as little as a few hundred pounds a month and then over the course of time, grow into more as the business grows and the need for additional media exposure is needed.

Spend can be controlled so that the media exposure is relative to the budget.  This is great for smaller businesses as they will not overspend and can turn the media tap on or off over the months they are using it.

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