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PR For Laser CuttersPublic Relations For Laser Cutting Companies

PR for laser cutters is essential to stand out in a busy engineering sector.  However finding the right media company can be difficult, as there are so many to choose from.  We always advise talking to PR agencies that have experience in doing PR for laser cutters.

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Being involved in the light fabrication industry, getting media attention is important.  Working with steels, aluminium and a range of alloys, ranging from around 3mm up to 10mm, you are an important part of the UK manufacturing sector.

The engineering industry is widespread with hundreds of laser cutters distributed around the UK serving all areas of the manufacturing and light engineering industry. PR for laser cutters will help raise your profile and make you stand out from the crowd.

UK Industry

The engineering sector has struggled in the last couple of decades due to the declining manufacturing industry, and the fact that many larger companies are using offshore subcontract sources as part of lean manufacturing.

As a result, many companies have struggled in filling capacity and keeping new business trickling through.  These days, things have picked up – the pendulum effect.

Marketing For You

Due to the downturn in manufacturing, many laser cutters are turning to lead generation techniques to generate new business and initiate new business enquiries.  Public relations is a low cost and effective marketing tool that can increase business.

The engineering sector generally is quite new to marketing, and historically does not have a strong background in the area of sales and lead generation.

Public Relations For You

Using a media agency is a wise move, as the industry is relatively small, in comparison to other areas of manufacturing, and there are some quite targeted industry magazines that articles would be well placed in.  PR for engineering companies is proving popular as a low cost form of marketing for engineering.

There are a number of PR companies that have a background of working in the sector, so it is wise for you to speak to them first over other agencies.

Experience in the industry is something that adds big benefits when it comes to running a media campaign.  This is mainly due to the fact that the consultant will have established contacts with the engineering media, so any results should be speedy.

On-line Media

With the growth of the internet, on-line media has become a big part of the marketing arsenal.  Many agencies do couple traditional public relations with on-line PR, which should give the laser cutter a balance of media exposure.

The engineering industry as a whole is a little behind with regard to how the internet and on-line technology goes; however as the sector has declined in the UK, the race has started.

Marketing Advice

Media publications are a very good marketing route to take, due to their high impact and low cost.  PR on the whole is a very affordable marketing service, and to be highly recommended to any laser cutting company.  PR for laser cutting companies fits well into media publications like the engineer.

Compare Quotes

It is wise to shop around and compare PR prices, in order to ensure that you find the best company at the best price.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best media agency, for the lowest price.  PR for laser cutters does not have to be expensive, but can be very effective.

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