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PR for pubs is very popular, both for the local pub, but also for the larger pub chains.  The difficulty is finding the right public relations agency, as there are hundreds in the UK to choose from.  

We always advise talking to agencies that have either done PR for pubs in the past, or are involved in the licensed premises sector.

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UK Licensed Premises Industry

In the UK we have seen the pub industry decline steadily for years now.  Unfortunately according to CAMRA (campaign for real ale) 29 pubs a week are closing.

Britain has always been a nation that enjoys its beer, whether it is the local in the sleepy Dorset hamlet, or the pub on the main high street of Wakefield.

The problem is that due to rising prices of alcohol, we have seen the cost of a pint more than double in the last decade.  For this reason, many people decide to either drink at home.  The costs are 2-3 times cheaper, or to go cheaper pubs/bars that offer happy hours or cheap drinks.  

Chain brands such as JD Weatherspoons has done well in this sector, as they sell cheaper drinks in higher quantities.  PR for pubs is necessary for survival.

Declining Trade

The smoking ban in the UK has also not helped many English public houses.  It has driven out many of the locals and young people.  Smoking outside means that there is less drinking, therefore less money being spent within at the bar.  PR to support alcohol is necessary in order to keep people drinking socially, in business, on holiday, at home etc.

Many pubs are feeling the effects and 29  a week are closing around the UK as a result of declining business.

The local pub once upon a time was a meeting point for the community, these days things have changed.

Effects Of COVID Lockdown

Pubs have possibly been the worst hit by the lockdown imposed due to COVID resulting in many to close permanently.  PR can be used to encourage recovery not just for the individual, but for the entire sector.

Media Support

The need to get brand awareness is important, whether it is for inner city bars, or a local inn that is in a more secluded rural area.

Media awareness can generate the much needed exposure that may be able to help pubs to survive.

Public houses tend to rely on repeat business; rather than new customers it is the regulars that tend to support the pub trade.

Positive Media

Alcohol awareness is a big issues in today’s society and something that the UK is struggling with.  Many people are drinking a lot more than the recommended daily allowance of 3-4 units of alcohol.

If a campaign was launched encouraging customer loyalty and special offers for regulars, such as loyalty cards, would this effect alcohol consumption in a bad way and encourage binge drinking?  PR for pubs is used to encourage events such as karaoke and guest singers.

The Future

The future is very uncertain for the UK pub industry.  Achieving a balance between offering affordable rates and discouraging over-consumption is difficult.  A middle ground does need to be found between responsibility and profits.

Raising awareness can certainly help in raising the profile and getting the media involved in the pub trade.  But gaining regular business whilst discouraging over-consumption is a tricky marketing line to maintain and one that needs care.

Experienced PR Agencies

Due to the social responsibility that landlords carry, it is advised that any campaigns are conducted through PR agencies that have a background of the entertainment and alcohol industry.  This is in part to influence the success element of the campaign; but also getting the right media message out that is responsible and effective.  As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best public relations agency for the lowest price.  PR for pubs can be very helpful, let us show you how.

Compare Prices For PR Support

All PR companies are independent and set their own rates.  As such, we do advise you comparing PR prices from a number of agencies that know about PR in the hospitality and brewing sector.

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