PR For Taxi Companies

PR For Taxi CompaniesGet Public Relations Exposure For Your Taxi Firm

There are over 2,000 public relations agencies in the UK; we suggest you talking to agencies that offer PR for taxi companies.  

These agencies will understand your message, they will know transport media and know how to position your taxi business in your local area.  

Just fill in the form to get quotes from local PR companies that are experienced in doing PR for taxi companies.

Would PR Help Get Customers?

PR is a powerful and focused marketing tool that can be used in many different ways both on-line and off-line.

Many taxi firms use a local media agency to help with brand awareness and local marketing exposure, which helps in getting your name into the local media network.  For your local market to remember your phone number, or have your app on their phone, can ensure they choose your taxi company over your competitors.

National taxi companies use the media in a slightly different way, as they are looking to have the media wheels turning for them, rather than encouraging local customers to pick up the phone and dial the local number or free phone number.  

Black cabs are linked with TFL and are used by many tourists around London. Most taxi companies benefit from media coverage due to the awareness it brings.  

People do not choose a taxi based on quality or cost, as they may well do with things such as clothes or food, but often choose a company on the basis of which phone number or name comes easiest to mind.

Choosing Someone With Industry Experience

From the many thousands of PR agencies around the UK, choosing someone local is always good, as you can visit them, to chat through ideas, create a marketing strategy and background to your taxi business. 

Selecting a agency with taxi marketing experience is also wise, as if the agency has worked with similar companies, they are then well positioned to help you.

These days many public relations agencies are specialising in niche market sectors, such as leisure or finance, so selecting either a specialist or one that knows the taxi industry is to be recommended.  

There are many PR companies that offer PR for taxi companies, along with other sectors of transport PR.

Compare PR Prices

For any firm looking into PR prices, there will be the problem of choosing one that is charging at a reasonable rate.  

All marketing agencies are independent companies, and set their own fees.

The only way to find the best company, that is charging a reasonable price, is to compare quotes; all set their own fees, therefore shopping around is required in order to get the best deal.

Find 3-4 agencies that have done PR for taxi companies by filling in the form.

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