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PR for theatres is essential, both for smaller theatres and for top London theatres such as the Lyceum or Theatre Royal.  PR for theatres serves both for promotion and also for advertising.

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Despite there being times of recession, people around the UK still enjoy going to the theatre.  People have always loved the theatre, since the west end was first mentioned in the annals of theatre history.

Why do people go to the theatre?  A Christmas musical, a night out, an anniversary.  People, always have loved going to the theatre.  PR for theatres is essential now as it always has been.

Marketing Ideas

A problem that many theatres face is that attendance may be dropping. Certainly since COVID-19, the sector has gone from struggling to closed.

This has been the case over the last few years, as customers have been cutting back on the small luxuries.

A night out to the theatre for an average family can be over £300.  When factoring in drinks, a meal and transport can make it quite an expensive night out, albeit enjoyable.

Many theatres do offer ‘early bird’ discounts on their websites or via sites such as Ticket Master.  But still, there are costs which need to be covered.

The costs of paying all the cast, the stage team, the orchestra and the effects team (plus all rehearsal costs) is expensive and the need to market is higher than ever.

The recession is not helping either, hence PR can help.

Due to the costs involved, for both visitors and the theatres, there is the dilemma that there is the need to draw in customers.  The only way that this can be done is to offer deals and special offers, which require marketing.  PR for theatres can be used as this marketing vehicle.

Media Support

Many theatres use advertising and public relations to get the media message out.  Websites like Ticketmaster have really helped, as it makes the process so much easier.

Normally marketing for theatres has been done via the traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, radio advertising and billboards.  However many are now looking into on-line advertising to link into ticket websites.

Public relations is a great form of marketing, as it can be targeted either regionally or nationally.  TV advertising has been used, however due to the costs involved this is not a popular route.  Popular around Christmas, but competing against TV advertising for charities.

Cost Effective

Due to the running costs that many theatres face, the need for cost effective marketing is paramount. 

This is where the media is such a good option, as it can be controlled in a way that many other forms of marketing cannot.

Budgets can be set to a few hundred pounds each month, making this a very attractive marketing option.  Public relations has been known to generate some great results and this is certainly something that you need in order to compete against other theatres.

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