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Telemarketing Scripts Are Used By Many Telemarketing CompaniesDo You Use Telemarketing Scripts?

Many cold calling agencies in the UK opt for using telemarketing scripts when doing lead generation.  

There are positives and negatives in using telemarketing scripts, the question is whether they are needed for your particular business.

Businesses have different opinions of telemarketing scripts. Do they help, or do they hinder?

We need to consider this on a for & against basis, as there are upsides as well as downsides to using telemarketing scripts when doing outbound calling (for lead generation). 

Pros For Telemarketing Scripts

  • Continuity

Having a well written script adds continuity.  It is easier to ensure results by using a script that can be adapted and modified to produce the best outcome.

  • Comfort

Having a script in place gives the agent the comfort of knowing how to tackle different objections.  Each objection can be hypothesised and a response put into a script to ensure each objection is correctly answered.

Conforming to the TPS is needed within any B2B calling.

Cons For Telemarketing Scripts

  • Laziness

There is the feeling that calling that work off of scripts can sound robotic.  Without the need to ‘think’ about the conversation, questions are just asked and the conversation led to the solution.

  • Tailored Responses

Despite best efforts, not every objection can be put into a can (and the script would get quite large during the course), there needs to be a degree of ad libbing and personalising the call.

Finding A Good Balance

It is good to have a guideline so that one can understand the structure of a sales call and broadly know how to tackle any objection that does come up.

However there has to be the flexibility to work around the script (not necessarily diverting from it) but tailoring responses to each client.  

You do need to work quite closely with clients.  Certainly in the first few weeks of a campaign to put together a good ‘script template’ so that all bases are covered and all calls are fruitful as far as how the agency approaches the call.  

If every call is as efficient as possible, then the company is doing all they can to ensure that the best results are attained every time they make a call.

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