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Telemarketing for photographers is very popular these days, as many photographers are small companies or freelance.  

The problem however is finding an experienced agency.  That is where we come in, to help you get quotes on telemarketing for photographers.  

Whether you are a national brand, or an independent, we can help.

Rather than spending hours on google, let us help. Just fill in the form to get quotes for lead generation, for your studio.

Why Would You Need Telemarketing?

The UK has a large number of photography studios.  These range from freelance photographers that handle local weddings, to larger better established studios in London.

The competition that many photography studios face is huge.  Customers are always comparing prices prices, or using friends to take their pictures.  

Therefore this form of marketing is growing more and more popular.  Indeed marketing for photographers does need to be varied.

Since the COVID lockd0wns, there has been a demand for photographers, for weddings, for events.  Drone photography has also grown as technology has moved on from just digital cameras. 


Wedding photography is big business, with some couples willing to pay over £1000 a day.  The wedding photograph market is very competitive with studios doing 2-3 weddings each month. 

Certainly for a freelancer this could prove very profitable when coupled into having a full time job.  However many people these days use friends or contacts that can undercut.

Corporate Functions

Many larger businesses do look to have professional photographs taken of events.  

Christmas events, a fund raising event or an international event that has VIP’s or celebrities attending.  Also having professional pictures of the HQ or London offices.

New Business

The photography industry is highly competitive now, with agency fees ranging from a couple of hundred pounds per day up to over a thousand pounds. 

The need therefore is for you to be more proactive in lead generation and canvassing for new business. You can look to get onto supplier lists for large businesses, wedding venues and events so that are the first port of call for recommended clients. 

Many ‘customers’ do not know about what is involved and are normally led by the event organiser or venue when it comes to who to use.  Therefore the need to get onto supplier lists is something that needs to be considered.

Low Price Does Not Mean More Business

Many photography studios feel that having the lowest price should secure work; however most people do not use a photographer on price.

Consider cars, if people were to buy on price alone, then companies like Rolls Rocye and Bugatti would not be around.

For this industry, some people are happy to pay a premium price for a premium product, it is just that reaching such people is the trick that many studios face. 

This can be achieved through telemarketing and reaching out.

Compare Multiple Telemarketing Prices Today

Telemarketing for photographers is a great and quick way to generate new leads.  It is also great for following up on existing enquiries, something many photographers do not have the time or experience in doing.

Price comparison is very popular these days, and comparing prices for calling is no different really.  As telemarketing prices vary so much, shopping around for quotes is very wise.  

All agencies are in business to make profit, so getting the best possible agency for the lowest possible price is essential.

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