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Telemarketing for property companies can be used in a variety of ways.  For customer service, for generating new business, for accounts issues.  

We live in a digital world these days however telemarketing is one of the oldest most powerful forms of direct marketing.

The property sector has been using telemarketing for decades now.  

Why, because telemarketing is a very effective lead generation tool.  The property sector is highly populated and highly competitive, so being proactive is important.

However, the problem you face is that with over 450 lead generation in the the UK, finding the right telemarketing company is difficult.  That is where we help, by getting you quotes for telemarketing for your property company.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes form experienced telemarketing agencies that know the property and housing sector.

Competition In The Property Sector

The UK is apparently in a housing crisis (despite tens of thousands being built every year) and the property sector has not been this busy since WW2.

Since the number and diversity of property companies is growing year on year, the sector is growing in your competition.

Every property company has a website and many use advertising on Google in order to generate new sales leads.  However telemarketing is unique as it proactive and you can reach customers before they start looking on the internet for you or one of your competitors.

Telemarketing for property and housing companies is therefore a great option to consider if you want to beat your competition.

Do You Need Telemarketing?

Telemarketing for housing and property companies allows you to target specific customers rather than relying customers to come to you.

Direct marketing will help some property companies a lot, but may not be suitable for others.  

It really depends on the kind of property company that requires it, and what it is for (inbound call handling, lead generation and generating new business etc.).  

Are you a surveyor, an architect, a housing planner, a loss adjuster?

The best thing to do is talk to a few agencies and get some feedback, you have nothing to loose by asking a few questions.  Whether you are a national housing association or an independent, this may be what you need.  

Telemarketing for facilities management companies is very popular in a way of generating new business.

How Much Would Telemarketing Cost?

Prices  will vary, based on their size, their experience, their overheads and their profit margins. It is always advised to shop around for costs, in order to get a feel for the rates on offer.

Most telemarketing companies charge a day rate, which can range from £150 a day (plus VAT) up to £600 a day.

We do get asked about commission only telemarketing, but UK companies do not offer this.

You may find a freelancer on Indeed that would be willing to work on commission, while they search for a job, but this would likely be a stop gap.

Telemarketing for property and housing companies needs a solid experienced telemarketing company that can professionally represent you.

Which Telemarketing Company To Select?

As mentioned, there are hundreds of telemarketing agencies around the UK. 

Ranging from students working from home, up to call centres that employ hundreds of telemarketing staff in their Glasgow offices.  Selecting the right size agency is important, but more important is their experience.

It is strongly advised to select a telemarketing company that has property industry experience.  

If the agency has done calling for property developers, builders, facilities management companies, then they are a good one to talk with.  

Many telemarketing agencies have construction marketing experience, just fill in the form to get quotes.

Get Multiple Telemarketing Quotes Today

Telemarketing for property companies does not have to be expensive, but you do need to get quotes.

Each telemarketing company set their own rates (normally day rates, or a monthly rate) with range from £150 a day to £600.

Depending on the number of telemarketing staff you require to work for you will dictate how much you are charged.

Do you require 1 person a day once a week?  Will you require 6 people a day calling 5 days a week?

Telemarketing for housing and property companies can be very effective, but you need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

We live in a world of price comparison, for insurance, for houses, for clothes, for telemarketing services.  However this is different, you are not trying to find the cheapest quote, but the ‘right’ telemarketing company to work with.

It is advised to talk with a few agencies in order to get a feel for prices and different approaches.  Like any price comparison website, we help you compare quotes as telemarketing prices vary so much.  It is advised to get at least 3 quotes, if not more.

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