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Telemarketing for marketing companies has been very effective over the years.  

However employing staff directly can be a long and frustrating process.  It is becoming popular for many agencies to now outsource it.

Why not talk with local telemarketing experts  that have experience in doing this?

Marketing Competition In The UK

Bear in mind that there are hundreds, thousands of marketing companies in the UK.  

Each one is looking to generate new clients and the best way to pro-actively keep in touch with potential new clients is via the phone.  So, you will have a lot of competition.

Each agency is different however, each ‘targeting’ specific clients (normally larger ones with more money to spend).  This is an ideal way to hunt down new business.  Many telemarketing companies in London have worked with marketing agencies.

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Do You Need Telemarketing?

Proactive targeting of prospects is a very powerful tool.  

Telemarketing for marketing agencies is just what this is, powerful and proactive.

It can make a big difference to you, either in prospecting for new business, or in doing lead generation and following up sales leads.

Considering that there are tens of thousands of creative companies around the UK, lead generation is always going to be a battle.

A lot of marketing companies get referrals and recommendations passed to them, however as the economy in the UK get’s worse, telemarketing needs to be considered.  

Lead generation is essential to, to find new business and to secure the campaign with the client.

What Is The Alternative?

Every marketing company in the UK has a website, and is battling to get onto page 1 of search engines for their location and marketing discipline.

This is great, but is re-active, allowing potential customers to come to you means that you get what you are given.

Since most of us use the internet to find anything, we will search out a local marketing company.

Telemarketing for marketing companies allows you to target specific customers.  Large companies with bigger budgets.  Specific industry sectors that you have experience in (manufacturing or accounting for example).

What About Data?

What kind of clients is your company wanting to attract?

Are you looking for local customers?

Are you looking to target specific industry sectors such as defence companies or medical companies?

Marketing data is an essential part of any telemarketing campaign.  

Telemarketing for marketing companies required specific data that you would need to source.  The other option is using the internet and cold calling companies from there.

Data can either be provided by the marketing agency (a database of prospects they are currently working with) or supplied by a data company.  If new data is being worked with, then it will be a long road to nurturing that data into prospects.

How Much Would Telemarketing Cost?

Telemarketing prices do vary based on a few factors:

  • The agency that is selected (as they all have different rates)
  • The number of days calling required (all agencies have different requirements)
  • Do you have data for the calling do be done on (data can be supplied or purchased)
  • Agencies charge differently (based on their overheads, profit margins etc.)

Telemarketing for marketing companies is popular, partly due to the number of marketing companies in the UK, but also due to the results in can bring.

Shopping around and comparing quotes is essential in today’s world, as all agencies set their own fees.  

All have different profit margins so therefore put a mark up on the costs of running a campaign. Rather than spending hours on google, just let us help.

If you want to get quotes on calling, just fill in the form.  Price comparison is popular for a range of services these days, this is really no different.

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