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As a recruitment agency, you are looking for the best possible ways to find available great staff that are looking for work and the best employers to connect them with.

The difficulty is getting the employees to come to you and equally getting employers that are looking for new staff.

Recruitment telemarketing has been around for a very long time, tried and tested for producing results.  

The reason is because most recruitment companies need telemarketing in one form or another to function, despite the boom in the online recruitment world.  

However, finding the right telemarketing agency is the problem, since the sector has got a bad reputation.  

There are over 400 agencies in the UK, and finding one that can do recruitment telemarketing is key.  The truth is that all telemarketing companies are different.  Some have been running for years, some have just started trading.  Some have worked in the recruitment market, many have not.

That is where we come in, to help you get quotes to compare, just like any price comparison site.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local telemarketing experts that know the recruitment sector.

B2B & B2C Telemarketing

Telemarketing for recruitment companies is unique, since it involves both business to business and business to consumer telemarketing.

Contacting job hunters at home to get them signed up to the recruitment companies.  Contacting business to market prospective job hunters to future employers.

Therefore a specialist telemarketing agency is required, one that has worked in the recruitment sector in the past.

Competition In The Industry

Competition in the industry is fierce as new companies crop up regularly in the UK.  

The industry is already a highly competitive one and with the current difficulties in the job sector, competition is only going to intensify.  

This sector is ‘policed’ by the REC.

Online websites like Indeed are also making life harder for both smaller and larger recruitment companies, but easy for job hunters.  Recruitment has quickly moved online, which is very difficult for smaller recruitment companies or specialist recruitment companies.

But telemarketing is still necessary for the recruitment process and can still be a very powerful marketing tool.

Lead Generation

A big part of the marketing that companies do is telephone based marketing.  Agencies normally will use their own staff to handle the calling.  This is coupled in with an aggressive online presence including SEM and social media.

Doing their own prospecting and phone work is a big part of lead generation.

However to cut costs, many recruitment businesses are looking at outsourcing as a way of getting new leads without the cost of employment, training, recruiting etc.

Get Help

Due to the rising demand on the recruitment sector, many agents find themselves too busy for cold calling.  

Spending time e-mailing, visiting and administration often leading to working extra hours or over the weekends.

By utilising an expert agency, a lot of the leg work can be taken out of the sales process. This has long been known to be a time consuming and frustrating part of the sales process.  

If some of this can be outsourced to a separate agency to handle, this should free up resource and allow more time for face to face meetings.

Working With Other Marketing Services

Telemarketing for recruitment agencies is not a stand alone area of marketing.  

It does need to work alongside other forms of marketing in order to be effective. Telemarketing for the recruitment industry is a popular form of marketing that many recruitment companies are using as a first port of call.

Coupling this into other forms of marketing such as social media, having a dynamic website, e-marketing and networking ensures that the marketing wheels are constantly turning on all fronts.  

It may be wise to talk to a specialist marketing agency that offers marketing for recruitment companies.  This could give you that ‘birds eye view’ to get the overall campaign effective.

Costs Of Recruitment Telemarketing

Prices do vary from agency to agency.  

The reason is because all telemarketing agencies set their own fees.  This covers their costs and allows them to make profit.  For this reason, shopping around for quotes is very wise.  

With telemarketing, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive telemarketing agency does not make them the best.

Telemarketing prices range from £150 per day up to over £600, so getting the best agency at the best price can only be done by comparison. There are however a number of telemarketing companies around the UK that have a specialist understanding and track record in the recruitment sector.  

Choosing one that has sector experience is important if you want fast results. If you are interested in getting some ideas and quotes from them just fill in the form opposite.

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