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There are a wide range of B2B telemarketing companies for you to chose from in the UK.  

We do advise however that you select someone that knows your industry sector.  

Like any price comparison website, we can help you get quotes from local B2B telemarketing companies.  

Just fill in the form to get free quotes to help boost your sales and appointments.

What Is B2B Telemarketing?

Telemarketing in 2020 has not changed much from before.  

This is a very popular marketing service (despite the growth of the internet) as it is a quick way for businesses to proactively generate new sales leads or meetings for their staff.

 It involves a specialist agency contacting businesses on your behalf to book meetings for you.   It takes a different set of skills than B2C telemarketing.

The Types Of B2B Telemarketing

There are different kinds of B2B telemarketing:

  • Lead Generation

Generating good sales leads is the heart of B2B telemarketing.  This could be contacting warm prospects or people who have visited your website in the past and left their contact information

  • Sales Follow Up

If a prospect has enquiries in the past, then these are potentially warm prospects to follow up on (this could go back years).

  • Event Telemarketing

Events are a great way to use B2B telemarketing, to be coupled in with an effective email marketing campaign.  This also gives the chance to upsell.

  • Lead Nurturing

The best way to sell someone something is to not come across as pushy, and to make it more of a conversation rather than a sales pitch.  People buy from people.

B2B telemarketing has been around a very very long time, but the selling process has remained the sane.

The Benefits

The main benefits of B2B telemarketing is that it can quickly generate results; within days (or even hours) new enquiries can be generated for your, or meetings.  

Clients that may have gone to your competitor can be prempted to say yes.  A sales pipeline that was empty can be quickly filled.  The meetings that a field sales team visit can be quickly put together to ensure that they are busy and productive.

Another benefit is that you can specifically target prospects.  Large companies, niche companies, specific industry sectors.

The Negatives

The main downside of B2B telemarketing is cost, it can be expensive.  

Either training someone internally (which could take months) or outsoucing to specialist calling companies to handle.  Many businesses are now tuned in to lead generation.  

Therefore it can be hard work (as competitors are using it); it is also intrusive to go direct.  A good sales tactic, but non the less intrusive.

Who Offers B2B Telemarketing?

There are hundreds of lead generation companies that offer it.  

Ex sales people that have decided to go it alone (and work from home or small rented offices) up to large telesales companies that have hundreds of staff.  

Choosing the right agency is important in order to get the best results.

The right size agency (that has the resources you need), the right experience (do they know your industry) and one that can produce results quickly (a track record of success).

The Importance Of Good Marketing Data

One of the essentials to any lead generation campaign is your marketing data.  If you have good data, then you are half way there.  

If you have no data, or brand new data, then you have a long road ahead of you.  Marketing data is an essential part of any successful B2B telemarketing campaign.

Data data can either be supplied by a telemarketing agency, or purchased from a data broker.

If you are looking for data in a specific industry sector, job roll or size of company, this can be done including email addresses.

The Costs Of A Campaign

Business to business telemarketing can be expensive, which is why many companies opt to use offshore telemarketing instead.  There are around 200 business to business telemarketing agencies in the UK that offer B2B telemarketing.

Each is privately owned and profit making, therefore shopping around is important.

Paying a high price per day (per month) will not guarantee results, but neither will the cheapest one be the best deal.  

Telemarketing prices do vary quite considerably, using this price comparison website can help you compare quotes.

Select the right company that knows your industry, can offer assurances and has the resources that you need.  Don’t spend your time going through websites on google, just fill in the form above.

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