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Telemarketing for hotels has been used for decades now, as it is so effective.  

The problem is finding the right agency to handle the campaign.  

With over 400 telemarketing agencies in the UK to choose from, the task is difficult.  

That is where we come in, to help you find someone that can handle telemarketing for hotels.  

Whether you are a leading chain like Hilton or an independent guest house in Blackpool, this can be very helpful.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from local experts that have experience in doing marketing for hotels.

Why Would Telemarketing Help Your Hotel?

There are two words that would answer this question, customer service.

We live in a digital world, an automated world that seems to have lots the personal touch that we had in bygone years.

All hotels have contact information for previous guests.  A quick call to see how they are and if they will be visiting may well give your hotel the edge.

The customer feels less like a customer and more like a guest, a missed guest who is valued.

Telemarketing for hotels can be a very powerful tool, especially with the older generation that appreciate courtesy.

Some Helpful Advice

We would advise talking to a few telemarketing agencies that have a background of doing telemarketing for hotels.

Ask them for a trial (not necessarily a free trial), maybe for a day or two to see how they get on.

Telemarketing should be a hit or miss, sometimes it takes time but most of the time it is getting the right person at the right time.

How Much Would Telemarketing Cost?

Telemarketing for hotels really depend on what is involved.  

Whether it is inbound call handling, outbound call making, how many agents are involved in handling the calls, and of course the rates of the agency. 

All have their own rates based on their overheads, profit margins etc.

Most agencies operate on a charge per day, but some work on a cost per call handled, which is better for hotels.  Another option is agreeing a monthly rate, which would cover all call handling regardless of demand.  

All telemarketing agencies set their own rates, this could be anything from £100 per day up to over £600.

Going with the cheapest agency is not advised, however choosing the most expensive is no guarantee of them getting results.

Choosing An Experienced Telemarketing Agency

When considering handling calls, it is advised that you select someone that has experience in the hotel industry.  Whether it is for inbound calling or outbound, there is an element of experience that will prove helpful in the campaign.  

There are many telemarketing agencies that have experience in doing telemarketing for hotels.  However finding them is difficult, since the internet is a large place.  Let us help by putting you in touch with a few experience experts.

Get Multiple Quotes Today

Choosing a telemarketing company is never easy.  

We do encourage getting a few quotes to compare, from agencies that know the hospitality industry and have a track record of success.  

We live in a world of price comparison sites, comparing quotes on telemarketing for hotels is really no different.

Telemarketing prices do vary, really because all agencies set their own fees.  As all agencies are private companies, all are profit making.  It is therefore essential to shop around and compare quotes.

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