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Travel marketing is essential to any holiday and travel business.  As the holiday sector continues to become more competitive with online holiday sites, travel marketing needs to become more creative. Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from marketing companies that know the holiday and travel industry.

Why Do Travel Agents Need Marketing?

The reason is because of the highly competitive holiday industry.  There are high street travel agents, travel websites and cottage industry people working from home as holiday representatives.  For this reason, it is essential for every travel agent, large or small to use travel marketing. Companies like Expedia have started recently and now dominate the travel industry.  Overtaking established brands like Thompsons, why, because of travel marketing.

What Sorts Of Marketing Are Available?

There are a wide range of marketing tools available to you, some are essential, some are more helpful in terms of promotion and advertising: High End Websites High quality websites are essential, for any holiday company.  Most people use the internet now to find holidays, so websites for travel agents are a must. Website design for travel agents is important in this ever growing industry.  From the many website designers, we do advise using one that understands the travel industry and travel marketing. Public Relations PR for travel agents is not essential, but is certainly very helpful.  Even if you are in a bespoke market (like adventure holidays), PR can be very low cost and effective in raising your profile.  There are a number of PR agencies in the UK that work in the travel industry. Search Engine Optimisation For Your Website SEO for travel websites is going to be hard work, as the industry is so competitive.  To have a highly visible website will do wonders for the business it generates.  The search terms that people used for holidays and travel do vary.  As do the results that search engines provide around the country.  By talking to an SEO company you should be able to ensure your website is well optimised and a campaign to get your higher discussed. Paid Advertising For Your Website PPC for travel agents is essential in today’s world, as most people use the internet to find holidays.  Being on page 1 is going to ensure your travel agent has a chance at getting all web traffic.  PPC advertising is essential for travel companies in the internet world, even if your website has very good SEO. Advertising Campaigns Advertising for travel agents is very helpful in spreading the message and getting more brand awareness.  The UK are a nation of travellers, so certainly open to the message of summer and winter holidays.  Adventure holidays are also becoming popular, along with city breaks.  By talking to an advertising company, you can ensure that an effective advertising campaign is put into place. Branding Branding for travel agents is very important, as this is what distinguishes one from another.  The travel industry is highly competitive, therefore standing out is important.  Branding is what makes you different to your competitors.  This could by the types of holidays that you offer, or the locations you focus on.

How Much Will Travel Marketing Cost?

All these services (see above) come in at different prices.  Travel marketing does not have to be expensive, but the more services that are being utilised, the higher the cost will be.  All UK agencies charge different rates, based on their size, their overheads and their profit margins.

Choosing An Agency

When looking at marketing agencies, it is wise to select one that has experience of work in the holiday sector and has a good track record of success.  Have a look at their client lists on their website.  Also have a chat to some of their clients.  Are their clients happy?  Are they seeing success and ROI?

Get A Few Quotes On Marketing For Travel Companies

We do advise talking to a few different agencies in order to get a few proposals to consider, and compare prices from each.  As all agencies are independent, marketing prices will vary considerably.

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