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Advertising For Travel AgentsGet Advertising Support For Your Travel Business

Advertising for travel agents is essential in the internet world, as travel has moved from the high street to the living room.  

The issue is finding the right advertising agency to get you the most cost effective exposure.  

We always advise to select an agency that has experience of doing advertising for travel agents.

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UK Travel Industry

The UK has a wide range of travel agents, from the well established companies (such as First Choice, Thompson, Thomas Cook all ATOL protected) down to freelancers that work from home. 

There are thousands of different advertising companies in the UK and the travel sector is growing as the UK population grows.

When people want to go on holiday, these days they will either visit an established high street shop or do a search on the internet.  Once they have found the location they want to go to, they will shop around for offers and cheap deals.  

Some people do not mind where they go, as long as it is cheap (a last minute deal).

Most people that are going to be spending hundreds (or thousands) on a holiday, will consider who they are going with.  

Are the firm known?
Are they reputable and trustworthy?  

There have been many horror stories of people stranded, or miss sold a package holiday. There are a growing number of ‘holiday nightmare’ programs on TV these days, so people that have got a good deal (and a cheap holiday) are paying the price with selecting a poor travel agent. 

There are stories of companies taking the money and doing a runner.

This is all negative for the holiday sector, something that you will need to work against.

Marketing Mediums

  • Television Adverts

The main form of promotion for travel agents is TV adverts.  This is the most targeted and effective way to reach millions of people and get a message across in a few seconds. TV advertising can either be a very affordable and effective way to generate new holiday bookings, or a very expensive and wasteful exercise.  Choosing the right agency is essential and there are many agencies for you to choose from.  We advise you talking with ones that know the industry and have produced effective TV campaigns for agents in the past.

  • Radio Slots

Radio is a much more localised way for you to generate interest and one that many smaller companies will make use of.  Radio advertising is much more affordable than TV, and therefore is a better option for freelance or small freelancers.

  • Magazines

Many companies will use magazines of all sorts to advertise their services and holidays.  Magazines are a much more affordable form of promotion and as such, are good for specialist companies to target (for fishing holidays, adverts in fishing magazines are a good idea).  Many of the large companies do use magazines as it is good for brand exposure.

  • Billboard Promotion

Billboards and visual promotion is popular as it is even better for brand exposure than magazine adverts.  Billboard advertising can be targeted, but if anything is good to get the general brand message across (with helps build credibility for travel agents).

  • Social Media

Social media marketing is now very well established as a successful form or marketing and promotion.  The benefit is you can not only target demographics by geography, but also gender, age and income.

Choosing An Agency

There are hundreds of advertising agencies around the UK with very mixed experience; it is wise to select one that has a track record in the industry. 

If they have worked in the sector, know about marketing for travel agents and how to represent them – they should be able to produce an effective campaign.

Compare Prices

Advertising prices will vary depending on what medium is required, how long the campaign is going to be and also which agency is selected.

One thing to bear in mind is that all agencies are profit making machines.  They pay for more staff, larger offices, cars for the directors, houses, holidays etc. from the profits they charge clients. 

For this reason, shopping around for costs on advertising is very wise in order to avoid overpaying an advertising agency.

Finding a good agency that can produce results is good, but paying through the nose is not good.

For free advice and quotes on advertising for travel agents, just fill in the form to get a few local quotes.

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