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Since most people looking for travel agents use the internet, PPC for travel agents is essential.  

Whether you are a leading brand like Tui, or a freelance travel agent, paid advertising plays an important marketing roll.  

The competition is very high in the travel sector, and since there are many freelancers offering bespoke travel services, appearing on page 1 is important.

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Understanding The Travel Marketing Network

The travel marketing network encompasses promotional travel related products.  This could be airline tickets, transfers, hotel bookings, tour packages and even travel insurance.

Since the travel industry has becomes so much more competitive since COVID, a solid understanding of the travel marketing network is necessary to be effective and achieve results.

This could involve keyword research, marketing timings or even predicting future marketing changes.

Ad copy is also important, and only experience in doing PPC for travel agents can give quality and relevance.

Where To Advertise

PPC advertising for travel agents can be carried over a number of platforms, not just the main search engines of Bing and Google.

There are actually a few different search engines, it is just that Apple have Google as their search engines of choice:

  • Ask.com
  • Bing
  • Duck Duck Go
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex

There are also partner websites (such as the Daily Mail) and social media platforms such as Facebook.

If you as a potential holiday maker are searching for a travel agent, indeed you would use a search engine.  But using social media can give you marketing exposure so that your name/brand might be remembered by the potential customer.

Social media is also cheaper that advertising on search engines, which makes it a good option for small travel agents or freelancers.

Do Travel Agents Need To Use PPC Advertising?

Paid advertising is a quick way for travel agents to get onto page 1 for any search term that holiday makers may be searching for.

Most holiday makers go searching for deals (not travel agents) so it is the packages themselves that need to be targeted, displaying an idea of cost to attract in would be holiday makers.

The difficulty is that so many other travel companies are doing exactly the same, added to which, the natural results that appear, competition is high.  

Paid advertising is therefore popular, so cost per click may well be high.  Smaller travel firms may well struggle against the big industry players, so being creative is important.

Paid advertising allows you (of any size) to quickly get exposure and attract prospective clients into your website. Although paid advertising on the internet (PPC) is quite expensive, it can be very effective. 

It works by setting up an advertising campaign and arranging that each time a prospective holiday maker clicks on your advert, it costs a you a small set fee.  This could be a few pounds meaning that quickly (and fairly cost effectively) new prospects can be drawn into your website to book their trip.

PPC On Social Media Websites

PPC advertising does not necessarily need to be restricted to the main search engines.

If people are looking for a holiday deal, the internet is the first place they will turn to.  However social media platforms like Facebook are also great places to appear.

If someone has just searched for holidays, and then wants to browse Facebook for a few minutes, if your advert pops up, you may just get a customer.

Choosing A Paid Advertising Company

Choosing a PPC agency can be tricky.  

The difficulty that many face is that there are so many agencies around the UK.  Many offering ‘google approved services‘ not to mention the many thousands of companies in India, China (and other countries) offering cheap services.

There are companies around the UK that do have knowledge about marketing for travel agents, and experience in doing package holiday campaigns. 

These would be the ones that would be best to talk to, they would have an understanding of how the travel industry works, how to set up and tweak the campaign and ensure that it is profitable.

An agency should be able to give some idea of how effective their services are, how quickly they can produce results. They can advise what the likely returns are and how much set up charges would be.

Compare Prices On PPC For Travel Agents

Comparing prices is part of the world we live in today as all businesses are in business to make money.   Whether they are in travel, insurance or competing supermarkets.

PPC agencies are independent companies and aim to make big profits.  Their monthly rates therefore will vary considerably.  Let us help you compare PPC costs today.

The cheapest PPC company is not necessarily the best, but neither does paying the highest fee guarantee results. 

We want to help you compare 3-4 companies that have industry experience and choose the best one for the best price.

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