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There are around 20 PR agencies in Bolton.  Many of which are small consultancies, of perhaps 2-3 staff, and freelance journalists that work from home.  

There are around 30 marketing companies in Bolton that offer public relations as part of a broader range of marketing services.  Services such as graphic design, branding and SEO, for larger businesses that need that level of wider marketing support.  

Website designers in Bolton can help support your campaign via social media and the web.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local PR agencies in Bolton that know your industry sector. 

Choosing A Local Expert

For businesses based in Bolton, it is helpful that the agency is local.  As opposed to being one of the PR agencies in Manchester,Birmingham or London as you do not have to travel as far.  

Location may not seem a major factor these days, as with road and rail a meeting can be reached in 2-3 hours.  However, there is a bond with a ‘local supplier’.  

Why talk with PR companies in Liverpool or London when there are more local experts?

A local agency is more likely to go the extra mile, because of a closer relationship, and be prepared to put in the extra work if necessary.

A meeting is essential when selecting an agency as they give the opportunity for open discussion.  For creative juices to flow and for the strategy to be discussed.

Some PR agencies in Bolton may make claims of the sort ‘we are the UK’s top PR agency’ or ‘we are an award winning agency’.  Or maybe of having a wide selection of ‘Blue Chip clients’.  So a meeting also gives the chance to talk through the public relations company’s background, and establish if they are all they claim on their website.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to selecting an agency is their experience.  

Does the agency know your industry, understand your sector and is it familiar with your products?  If not, then choosing an agency that is a little further away may be necessary.  

There is a learning curve to an agency which is just starting.  If you are paying a monthly fee, you are then paying for them to learn your industry.

Why not use an agency that can hit the ground running and get you results more or less from the start?

All PR agencies in Bolton have different backgrounds based on their previous clients.  Such as work in medical, engineering, finance or travel sectors.  

So selecting an agency that has worked in your market before, knows your competitors, knows how to position you is very wise.

Compare Prices

When selecting an agency it is very wise to compare quotes before selecting one.  All charge different PR prices based on several factors:

  • Their Experience
  • Their Overheads – such as staff costs and office costs
  • Their Profit Margins

All PR agencies in Bolton set their own prices based on their own scales.

Generally the larger the agency is, the higher their overheads, as opposed to freelancers who will have lower costs. The most expensive agency is not necessarily the best.  

Paying more for a campaign does not guarantee better results.  

So it is wise to obtain multiple quotes.

Asking agencies about any references they can offer is wise.  Having review meetings is good in order to ensure that they are hitting targets and getting ROI for you.

A Few Words About Bolton

Bolton is based to the north-east of Manchester in the west of England, and according to the council has a population of around 150,000.

Historically Bolton grew as a result of the textile industry that was in the North East, being one of the main hubs for clothing and textile manufacture.  

In it’s hay-day, the years around 1929, it had some 216 weaving mills, producing cloths for national use and export.  

This has all but gone now, as the UK clothes retailers have moved all their maufacture to the far east.

Going by the various stone circles and burial mounds in the countryside around the town, there have been humans living in the area for many thousands of years.

 Showing that the area was one that was good to occupy.

The name comes from the Old English ‘Bothel & Tun’ meaning ‘the settlement with a special building’.

No-one knows what the special building was though; perhaps a church of some kind.  

The first mention was in 1185, meaning it was not mentioned in the Norman survey ‘The Domesday Book’ compiled in 1068.

These days Bolton is struggling with the loss of the manufacturing and clothing industry, retail and services, such as hospitals, have moved in.  

As well as a couple of larger businesses, such as the Macron stadium, that have based their HQ in town.

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