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There are over 200 website designers in Lincolnshire.  

Most of whom are freelancers that work from home, smaller ones that work from rented offices and a few larger creative agencies.  

There are around 50 marketing companies dotted around the county that offer web services along with other areas of marketing support.   Services such as graphic design & branding, e-marketing and SEO services, to businesses that need a broader marketing support.  

Many of the branding companies in Lincolnshire offer web design also.

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Local Design Specialists

We always advise where possible to work with a local designer; as meetings play an important roll in the early stages of any marketing campaign.  

As your website is your shop window, it is essential to have at least 1 meeting with your chosen designer.

Most of the larger website designers are in Lincoln, but there are lots scattered around Lincolnshire.

Choosing Someone Local

There are hundreds of web design companies in Lincolnshire and all will face the issue of ‘who do I choose?’

Lincolnshire is a large place, but finding someone local is always advised, so that regular meetings can be arranged.  The closer you work with a designer, the better the site you will get (value for money).  

Meeting them also gives you the chance to ‘check them over’ to ensure that they are what they claim on their website, and not working out of a bedroom somewhere in Spain.

Choosing a web design agency also needs the factor of experience to be considered.  As there are hundreds of them around, choosing one who knows your industry is wise.  

If you are a defense company, there is no logic in talking to a designer who specialises in producing golf club websites.

Another factor to consider when selecting someone is the size of the studio.  

If you are a start-up company, then a basic website from a freelancer may be more appropriate than working with a designer who works with global companies.  The resulting site may be great, but priced way too high.

Many companies are also considering flash websites, which give a more animated look to a site; however these can slow a website down when loading.

Only some designers are skilled at producing great flash sites.

Compare Prices

The cost factor is very much an issue for many companies during times of recession.  Since all website designers in Lincolnshire set their own fees, there is the need to shop around and compare web design pricing.

Generally the larger they are the more their fees will be.  They have higher profit margins, more staff (probably with higher wages), more facilities, larger offices and more directors.

A freelancer who has a small office set up at home will have lower costs, but may be able to design a similar one.

There are no standard rates; all set their own fees, so shopping around is wise to get a feel for average rates.

A Few Words About Lincolnshire

This county is in the east of England, covering 2,687 square miles, and playing host to a population of just over a million people.

It is the second largest county in England (the first being Yorkshire) and is mainly agricultural, the main cities being Lincoln, Scunthorpe and Grimsby.  It was referred to in the Domesday Book of 1068 as ‘Lindsey’.

These days much of the county is given over to agriculture.  In times gone by it was known for fabric and clothing manufacture, automotive and tank production (during the war years) and heavy industry, engineering and turbine production.

In February 2008, it was the centre of an earthquake measuring between 4.7 and 5.3 on the Richter scale.  

Although it is not known for its earthquakes, this was one of the largest to have hit Britain in recent years.

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