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There are around 15 website designers in Lutterworth, many of which are smaller agencies and freelancers.  

There are around 10 larger marketing companies that offer creative design as part of a wider package of services, such as design service, digital marketing and advertising services.  Should you not find a local agency, there are many great web designers in Rugby just up the road.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes from web designers in Lutterworth that know your industry.

Why Do You Need A Website?

There are a wide number of businesses in Lutterworth, architects, museums, pubs, engineering companies, and all need to have websites.  However every business has a website for a different reason.

We now live in a digital world and the internet plays a huge part in the way we do business.

If you just need a basic website created, then a freelancer may be best to create something low key but professional looking.  The alternative is a free website or a cheap website using a website building platform.

Meetings Are Wise

We do advise where possible to use a local agency, as it makes organising a meeting a lot easier than commuting 2-3 hours.  Meetings play an important roll in the early stages of any marketing campaign, certainly in the agency vetting procedure.

Choosing A Local Web Designer

When choosing which web designer in Lutterworth to work with, there are a few things that need to be considered:

  • Location – If you can select someone local, then regular meetings can be arranged without too much difficulty.  There is always a loyalty that comes with working locally, which should mean that they are willing to go that extra mile.
  • Background – All will have different industry experience (finance, retail, defence, engineering) so selecting one who has already worked in your industry will bring advantages.
  • Cost – All charge their own rates, so by comparing quotes you should avoid the danger of overspending.

Which Web Platform Do You Select?

Another advantage of talking to a few different website design companies in Lutterworth is getting advice on which web platform to build your website on.

There are many web platforms available and most web designers in Lutterworth only build on 1-2 different web platforms.

Here are a few web platforms you may have heard of:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Wix
  • Fasthosts
  • Shopify

Choosing the right web platform for your business is important, since all are different and are suited to certain types of business and functionality.

Marketing Your Website Is Essential

Once your website goes live, the next major hurdle is getting people to it, since all website need website visitors.  After all a website without visitors is like a restaurant without diners.

When your website is launched, it will only be found by typing in the website address, the search engines do not know you, so you need marketing in order to show the search engines and be found for your keywords.

Most website design agencies in Lutterworth do not do marketing, they design websites, marketing of websites is a completely different business and requires a different set of skills.

This is known as digital marketing (or internet marketing) and involves the following marketing services:

  • Website Optimisation (SEO)
  • PPC Advertising (pay per click advertising)
  • Social Media Marketing

The most important of the above is website optimisation, this is where your website appears in the organic search results (preferably on page 1 for your search terms).

SEO is a complicated area of marketing, since no-one knows what the search engines look for to rank all websites.  Best guess is that is good quality website content, and lots of websites linking to your website content (different pages).

PPC advertising is again, another specialist area of marketing, and few website designers in Lutterworth can do it well.  Anyone can set up a PPC campaign, but going it well so that it is generating results and profit is something that takes experience.

Social media marketing is huge, since millions of people in the UK spend hours every day on different social media platforms (such as TikTok watching videos, or browsing friends feeds on Facebook).

Social media influencers can also be used to partner with, getting your website in front of their millions of followers.

Internet marketing is all about getting more visitors to your website, month on month, year on year.  More visitors should mean more enquiries and more business.

Most website designers in Lutterworth would tell you that videos on your website are great for SEO, particularly if they are put onto YouTube, as YouTube has billions of videos on it and is trusted by the search engines.

Compare Multiple Website Design Prices

In today’s society, saving money is important; however sacrificing quality is the danger.  Paying more does not mean that the design will be better, nor does the cheapest mean the worst.  

Web design prices do vary, generally smaller agencies do charge less, due to having lower overheads.

With website design, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive web design company in Lutterworth does not make them the best.  Freelancers tend to be much cheaper than agencies, as they do not have the staff costs or office overheads that agencies have.

It is not about comparing quotes to find the cheapest price, as you may do with car insurance.  It is about comparing quotes to find you the right web design company in Lutterworth for your particular business.

A Few Words About Lutterworth

Lutterworth is a small town in Leicestershire, between Loughborough and Nottingham.

The town is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 as ‘Lutter’s Vordig’, meaning Luther’s Farm, and is known for producing Sir Frank Whittle, the inventor of the jet engine.  

It was an important place during the stagecoach days as a stopping point between Leicester and Oxford, and the old coaching inns still exist today as pubs.  

It has just under 10,000 inhabitants, but as with many towns in Leicestershire it is growing.

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