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Branding is possibly one of the most important areas of marketing, as it is where trust is created.  

There are over 50 branding companies in Warwick. partly due to the new design talent from Warwick university. 

But also for the same reason as many other companies (it is kind of in the center of England with good transport links).  

There are around 25 full service marketing agencies in the area that offer additional marketing services such as website design, advertising and PR.

Your brand is something that needs constant work on.  In many ways, businesses are consistently re-inventing themselves.

With COVID changing the landscape for many businesses, building and maintaining your brand so that it is powerful is something that needs careful consideration.

Selecting A Local Design Agency

As there are so many brand development agencies in Warwick, it does make sense to use a local designer rather than one that is based miles away.  

The main reason (other than the logic of working locally) is that it gives the chance for you to meet with them, to chat to the design team and thrash out thoughts over a cup of tea and a brainstorm.  

Why would you work with a branding agency in London when you can work with someone locally?

The alternative is that the design agency is doing your design work/planning while doing 5 other clients and multi tasking you.

Chatting to the design company about their knowledge of your industry is also something that can be done at a meeting.  

It is easy via e-mail or phone to bluff experience and knowledge, however to really get a feel for if the agency is experienced does require a meeting face to face.  

Do you have your brand strategy set up?

Compare Prices

It can be an expensive excercise and does need to be controlled.  

Top businesses spend millions on their brand and it does have to be done right.  

All branding companies in Warwick do charge what they want (as there is no industry standard) based on their overheads, staff numbers, profit margins etc.  For this reason, branding prices will vary considerably.

A Few Words About Warwick

It is the capital town of Warwickshire and dates back to the Neolithic period.  

William The Conqueror build Warwick Castle in 1086 (with a little help) at the same time as the Doomsday Book was written.  

The medieval town was unfortunately destroyed in the ‘Great Warwick Fire’ in 1694 so most of it now is dated from around the 17th & 18th century.  

The University of Warwick is growing and as such draws more students then ever before (although the university is based closer to Coventry than Warwick).  

It has around 25,000 inhabitants and due to its centralish location, many businesses have placed their head offices in the town (Volvo, the National Grid, IBM etc.).

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