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There are over 20 PR agencies in Worcester, which has seen growth thanks to the University and the graduates that have settled in the area to start their own firms.  Mostly the firms are SME’s, although the city does have many larger ‘marketing companies‘ that offer PR services along with other marketing support to clients looking to outsource their marketing ‘en masse’.  There are in addition a few PR companies in Worcester that work in specific industry sectors. Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Worcester that know your industry. Chelmsford

Working With A Local Company

As there are so many PR agencies in Worcester to choose from, it does make sense to work with a local company, as opposed to travelling hours away.  Working with a local agency gives the added value of being able to have regular meetings, review how things are going, explore ideas and build that all important working relationship that seems to become lost in the world of technology. Working with an agency that understands your sector is also something that is vitally important, as they will provide a much more effective campaign and hopefully generate quicker results.  As the economy of the city is varied, the experience of the agencies is also varied, so it can be hard work looking around to find one that is familiar with your product and service.

Compare Costs

As Worcester is fairly rural, PR prices should be lower than those asked in larger cities, such as Birmingham or Leeds; however it is wise to look around and compare quotes.  We live in a world of price comparison sites, so it is possible to compare media support in the same light.

A Brief Look At Worcester

Worcester is the county town of Worcestershire and is in the border area between the West Midlands and Wales.  It is known for the final battle in the English Civil War where Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army defeated King Charles II’s Cavalier’s.  It is also where ‘Worcester Sauce’ comes from. There has been a settlement around the area since around 400 BC and in Roman times it was a thriving centre. Worcester used to be the heartland of glove manufacture, however this has all but left the UK, and is home to the oldest English newspaper ‘Berrow’s Worcester Journal’ which can be traced back to 1690.  The city has roughly 100,000 population according to council records and is currently a centre of manufacturing and industry, mining, aerospace and a little retail.

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