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Creative marketing is all about trying new things, new approaches, new ways of presenting.

The adverts that we all enjoy on TV are the ones that are different.  The ones that are clever and than make you smile. 

These however are not the adverts that work – it is the really annoying adverts that stick in your mind.  

The main reason for them being annoying is that they will stick in your mind.  The ‘Go Compare’ advert is the one that most people will think of.  Annoying but effective.

In the UK there is a wealth of creative marketing skills  More and more universities offering marketing courses and design courses, more and more are going on to start their own companies.

Designers and martekeers are consistently trying to reinvent the wheel; always looking for new ways of designing and producing products.

Creative brochure design ideas can be applied to any area of marketing:

  • PR
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design (Packaging, Logo’s, Leaflets, Brochures)
  • TV Advertising
  • Mailings

Very often it is the weird and wacky that make people sit up and take notice of marketing.  No-one wants the same as before, to stand out in the crowd you do need to be different.

Some Creative Marketing Ideas

Direct Mail

We are all used to getting  direct mailings through whether it be through the door at home or via your secretary at work. 

Creative agencies look at new packaging ideas and new approaches to get a different response. 

One of the craziest that stands out is an architect that mailed a brick to the building companies they were targeting with a message along the lines of ‘make us part of your foundations’.

Something like this would work well as it is new, cleaver and would bring a smile. 

Of course a follow up would be needed to ensure people do not just smile and forget so a telemarketing company could be used to maximise the impact.


Some designers have made crazy packaging designs in order to promote their new products.  Whether this is the size or the shape, something that is different will make people sit up and take notice. 

There have been unique confectionery designs that have come our and companies such as Cadbury do change their designs for some of their boxed sweets to give a new lease of life. 

Same stuff inside just packaged differently.


Website designers are always coming up with new creative marketing ways to present clients websites. 

Website design tends to fall into one of three different sorts of sites (template websites, CMS websites (custom managed sites) and e-commerce websites).  

However if it what happens on the sites they can work creatively with. 

Different media, different effects, as technology moves on there are new software packages that allow website designers to do more creative and zany things.

TV Adverts

These are probably the most visual form of marketing (and the most expensive) that everyone sees.  

Those that have TV’s and do not channel surf when adverts come on and boring products can be given funny and interesting adverts. 

The top 10 TV adverts would be:

  1. Guinness
  2. Smash
  3. Tango
  4. Central Heating (when it first became available)
  5. Boddingtons
  6. Levis
  7. RWhites
  8. Hamlet
  9. Walkers Crisps
  10. Impulse

Some adverts are classics, some make you laugh, some cry (not because they are upsetting) but most will stick in your mind, job done.

It must be hard though to continually come up with new creative ideas, new ways of presenting something. 

Then, once the idea is packaged and sold, the process starts again to come up with another idea. 

However marketing companies are positioned to continually think outside the box, using trends and fashions to present products in ever more unique ways.

If you are looking for new creative marketing idea or a marketing company to help create something unique, then just use the quotes service to get free ideas and quotes.

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