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There are around 30 branding companies in Edinburgh ranging from larger marketing agencies, down to freelancers that work from home.  

As there are so many branding agencies in Edinburgh to choose from, finding the right agency can be difficult.  

There are around 100 marketing companies in Edinburgh that offer a broader range of marketing services as well such as PR, advertising, web development etc.

You only need to do a quick search on google to see that there are lots of branding agencies in Edinburgh.  

Rather than spending time going from one website to another, just pop some details into the form and we will get you quotes to compare.

Selecting A Local Designer

Working in Edinburgh it does make good practical sense to select a local brand development agency.  

The advantage mainly comes with the ability to meet up with the design team.  

Allowing a chance to chat through strategies face to face.  There is a commitment that comes to meeting with a designer, loyalty.

Chances are they will work harder for you if you are local and do visit them from time to time.

Edinburgh is a sought after place for companies to be based.  There is a prestige attached with having offices based in the city.  

Companies from India, Mexico and other countries do have ‘virtual offices’ in Edinburgh.  To avoid working with a foreign designer that has a UK website and local address, a visit is necessary.

Another consideration when choosing a designer is the experience they have in your market sector.  

Has the design agency done branding for companies similar to yours in the past?  Have they a track record in your sector and understand how your market works?  

By meeting up and quizzing them, you should be able to gauge what kind of knowledge they have.  

Knowledge of your products, services, business and market place.

Compare Multiple Prices

It is very important to compare prices from various branding agencies in Edinburgh.  

Mainly because branding as a marketing tool can be very expensive.  

As Edinburgh is an expensive city, agencies in the city may charge more.  

As Edinburgh is a sought after place to be situated, rental rates are higher, staff costs are higher and branding prices may be more.

In today’s world, price comparison is something that we all do from car insurance, shopping, cars and marketing.  

It is good to get the best designer and indeed the cheapest quote may not mean the best results.  By shopping around you should be able to avoid overpaying.  

We want to help you get quotes from the best branding companies in Edinburgh for the best price.

Edinburgh At A Glance

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and based in the south of the country in Lothian.  

Edinburgh was designated a UNESCO site in 1995 and there are over 450 listed building in the city.  

The name is thought to come from Edwin of Northumbria called and called ‘Edwin’s fort’.  

Since the early bronze age there has been a settlement in the area, and in the 12 century, the city was really established as a center and the famous ‘Edinburgh Castle was built.  

The Stuart kings ruled Scotland from Edinburgh until 1706 when parliament joined England and Scotland into Great Britain.

Today Edinburgh is popular for the ‘Edinburgh Festival’.  

There is a strong banking industry in Edinburgh and a population of over half a million people (according to council data).

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