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There are around 20 branding companies in Bedford, mainly smaller agencies and freelancers.  

We do advise talking to branding agencies in Bedford that know your industry sector.  They will have a better understanding of how to effectively market your product or service to your clients.

Just fill in the form above to get quotes from brand development agencies in Bedford that know your industry sector.

Marketing Around Bedford

Bedford has grown as a design center, with over 20 branding companies in Bedford and the surrounding area.  

Ranging from smaller design firms up to larger marketing companies that offer a wide range of marketing services (PR, advertising etc.).  

Most of the agencies in the  area are SME’s and generally work for other SME businesses.  However as the town develops more companies are moving in due to the cheaper costs than London (yet close proximity).

Compare Prices From Branding Agencies In Bedford

Branding can be a very affordable exercise or it can be very expensive.  Consider the agencies that work for blue chip companies.  

They may charge a premium, based on their experience, their client list etc.  

Smaller branding agencies may be very affordable; but can they create an effective brand?  

There is the need to search around and give consideration to many factors (as well as price) before selecting who to use.  Branding prices do vary considerably between agencies, so shopping around for quotes is essential.

Bedford In A Paragraph

Bedford is a small market town and the capital town of Bedfordshire just to the north of London.  

The name ‘Bedford’ is said to derive from Saxon times (Beda – a Saxon chief & ford – a crossing on the River Ouse) where the current town is based.  

Bedford has a population of just under a hundred thousand (according to council stats).  

It has a history going back over a hundred years in the engineering industry; the town is still a strong hub for engineering.  

Bedford is a popular film location and has been the site of films such as Batman (Batman Begins & The Dark Knight) as well as the comedy series ‘Some Mothers Do Av Em’.

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