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There are around 20 branding companies in Colchester. Most of these agencies are SME agencies and tend to work with smaller companies in the surrounding area of Colchester and Chelmsford.  

We do advise using a branding agency in Colchester, rather than one of the branding agencies in London.  Local is always best, the issue is finding the right agency.  

That is where we can help, by finding you agencies that are local and know you industry.

As you are based in the town, it makes sense talking to someone local. 

Just fill in the form in order to get free quotes and advice from 5 branding agencies in Colchester.

Local Agencies

Due to its proximity to London and the M25, the town has a wealth of branding companies and design agencies boasting over 100 in the area. 

Most of these branding agencies in Colchester are SME agencies and tend to work with smaller companies in the surrounding area of Colchester and Chelmsford.

Selecting A Designer From The City

As there are so many branding companies in Colchester, it does make sense for you to use a local agency. 

The main reason would be for quality.  

If you are local to them, they are more likely to go the extra mile for you rather than a client that is 100, 500 miles away.

In working with a local branding company there is the possibility to meet up with them regularly.   To build a relationship and discuss things that may be missed when talking on the phone or via e-mail.  

The agency may not like this, as it takes up resource, but you get more value for money.

Choosing a designer based on their experience is something that is also something that needs to be considered.  

If they have worked in your industry historically, they will know how to ‘package’ your business. 

There is a difference between a nice looking brand, and a brand that captivates and motivates (you want the latter).

Compare Quotes From Branding Agencies In Colchester

Choosing a designer is about finding someone local that has a background of your industry.  

But another important point to consider (possibly most important of all) is the cost.  

Branding prices can be very expensive, typically the larger the agency, the higher their rates.  All agencies are independent and set their own rates.  

It is wise (as with all price comparison websites), to shop around and compare the market.

Colchester At A Glance

It is agreed to be the oldest town in England, which has evidence of Celtic occupation prior to the Roman invasion. 

The Romans then took over the town and made it their capital naming it Camulodunum. 

Colchester castle was build in the 11th Century on top of an existing Roman Temple by the invading Normans and still exists today 900 years later. 

Skipping forward 7 centuries Colchester has excellent Victorian architecture including the town hall and water tower. 

Colchester has always had stong ties to the military from Roman times to date.  The current population is around 100,000 according to council data.

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