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There are around 200 London branding agencies of varying size.  From global design agencies down to freelancers working from home.  

We do always advise using local London branding companies where possible.  

The problem however is which agency to use.  All are different, different prices, different industry focus.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 London branding agencies that know your industry sector.  

The alternative is spending time going through hundreds of websites on google to find the ‘right’ agency for you.

Local Design

There are over 2,000 brand development companies of varying sizes.  

From international brand specialists that work with some of the leading brands. down to startup design companies.

There are also a lot of designers from abroad that use ‘remote addresses’.  

This is so that branding companies based in Ireland, India, USA can have a London postcode and address and a virtual office.  

You do need to be careful you are using a geuine agency and not someone overseas.

Visiting A Local Designer

As a local business, it is wise to talk to a local agency.  

London branding companies are much easier to visit that branding companies in Southampton for example.

A major reason for visiting the agency is to ensure they are real, and not just using a virtual postcode. At your visit, you can get a better understanding of the design agency. 

By them getting to know more about you, your business and objectives should mean them doing a better job. 

It is easy for a designer to work via e-mail.  However at a face to face meeting they do need to give 100% concentration to your task.

London Branding Companies

Choosing the right size of agency is important; as all London branding companies are different sizes.

Some small, some international, finding one that will suit your business is important.  

If you are a global brand, working with a freelancer just is not suitable.  

They need to have the resources and experience to support you. 

Many of the larger agencies offer additional marketing services such as advertising and website design.  

Finding the right London based branding agency for you is essential to your campaign being a success.

Industry Focus

Many London branding companies have a specific industry they are strong in.  This could be Pharmaceutical, engineering, fashion.  

Talking with agencies that do branding for schools is only useful if you yourself are a school.  

Otherwise you are best finding a different agency.

Working with a local designer is important so that a visit may be made. 

Meeting with the agency regularly is always good so as to keep them on their toes. 

Lots of design agencies like to work via e-mail and shun meetings, so they can handle more clients each day (quantity vs quality).

Design rates do vary, so shopping around is important.  All agencies set their own fees, and the fees vary a lot.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you compare the best London branding companies for the best price.

Quality Of Designs

London is known around the world for its quality, for refinement and this no different with marketing.  The skill level of local designers is higher than many other regions of the UK.  

This is partly down to the fact that London draws the top skills from around the UK but also top marketing companies want to be based in the nations heart.

Compare Branding Prices In London

Branding agency prices do vary considerably.  

Since all agencies set their own rates, you could get the same brand and pay thousands extra to one agency than another.  We want to help you find the best agency for the best price.  

You do not get what you pay for, you need to shop around and compare.

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