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There are around 20 branding agencies in Liverpool.  Many of these are smaller design studios and freelancers working fro rented offices.  

With so many branding companies in Liverpool to choose from, finding the right one may be time consuming.

There are also many marketing agencies in Liverpool that offer a broader range of marketing as well as branding.  Offering services such as advertising, website design and media relations.

Choosing the right kind of agency is important. If you are just looking for a graphic designer to handle the campaign, or a branding agency, there is a difference.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes from 5 branding agencies in Liverpool that know your industry sector.  The alternative is going onto google and spending hours searching yourself for the ‘right’ agency.

Choosing A Local Expert

Being based in Liverpool it is advised for you to consider using a designer in or around the area. 

The reason being that communication is much easier if you can meet with the designer (certainly in the early days). 

Having a face to face meeting builds a bond that cannot be built via e-mail or phone.  The relationship is more personal and the results from the work should be more thought out.

Most branding agencies in Liverpool do prefer to work via e-mail rather than having meetings.  This is due to meetings taking up more time leaving less time to work for other clients. 

However it is in your best interests to meet and get to know them.  This also gives you the chance to check out what the design team are like.  

Are they really there, or just working from a ‘virtual office’?  They may make claims on their website ‘we are the best marketing agency in the UK’, you can see if it is true.

Working With The Agency

Working with a local designer is always advised.  However something else is more important, industry experience. 

If they know your industry, your competitors and how your market works; this should bring many benefits.  It should get you a stronger marketing message and quicker results.

There are some agencies that specialise in branding for universities.  However if you are not a university, you need a different agency.  

This is why being selective on industry background is important.

Compare Prices

Getting the right agency is important and sometimes it is worth paying a little more for quality.  

However if money can be saved then all the better.  Sometimes shopping around is needed, in this case, essential,  

All branding companies in Liverpool are different and all set their own branding prices (based on their experience, their client base and how long they have been established).  

All brand development firms have overheads (staff costs, rent) and all have profit margins to make. We are here to help you get the best agency for the best price.

A Quick Overview Of Liverpool

It is a vibrant and expanding city with a colorful and varied past. 

Liverpool played a central role during the slave trade as the northern part of the slave triangle and the city still has many buildings showing its heritage. 

In recent decades the city provided us with the Beetles and still has a popular musical culture that followed.  

Liverpool Football club are still doing well.

Creativity is still rich in the city not just in music, but in the arts, design and marketing.  

The current population is around half a million according to the local council.

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