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Brand marketing is all about getting the message out and the marketing wheels turning so as to generate exposure and buzz about a company.

Social media is a great vehicle for brand marketing, as it is subtle, targeted and low cost.

Step one is getting a brand established; step two is getting the marketing of running.

What Is A Brand?

OK firstly, what is a brand?

A brand is how a business differentiates itself from it’s competitors brands. A brand can be thought of as the personality of the company, communicated through an identifying mark, logo, name, tagline, voice and tone.

Some of the oldest and most recognisable brand names in automotive, toys and food and beverage have been around for decades, with some surpassing more than a century of consistent and recognisable branding.  Brands such as Coca Cola and Levis are just two such brands that have a long running history and are still going strong.

When To Do Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is essential at every stage, whether you have a new brand and are looking to get off the ground.  Or if you are already well established and are looking to generate market awareness.

Brand marketing is promoting a companies products or services in a way that elevates the brand as a whole. It involves creating and maintaining brand-consumer relationships and marketing brand attributes which are the traits that people think of when they picture a particular business.

In today’s world of ‘marketing noise’ every business is marketing in one way or another.  So it is very easy to be overlooked and for your corporate image to slip behind competitors. 

For this reason, continued marketing awareness is needed in order to keep the brand message alive and strong.

The First Step

The first thing to do with any marketing is to have a marketing strategy in place and clearly (as clearly as possible) map out objectives and goals. Once this is done, success is easier to track and monitor as the marketing campaign ticks over.

Failure to prepare is the same as preparing to fail.  Strong foundations in planning should eliminate the element of risk.

We live in a busy market place where brands are competing against each other across multiple marketing platforms including TV, the internet and social media.

The Second Step

Once a marketing strategy has been set, the action can start.  Developing the logo design, and general branding is needed in order to have the brand ready for the market.  

Doing market research is a good idea to ensure that your brand is right for your market segment.  

Consider the age of the target audience, gender, language, social sector.  There is a lot to consider, but success begins at the planning stage.

  • What colours are you going to use?
  • What font are you going to use?
  • Are you going to put anything subtle into your logo?
  • Is there a story behind any of it?

Consider some brands you will have come across.

Domino’s has a story behind their logo.

Five Guys is called Five Guys for a reason.

Amazon have an arrow in their logo.

There should be a story behind your brand, behind your logo.  What is your story, can it be part of your brand?

The Third Step

Once the planning has been done, and the design & image prepped and the target market defined (and researched).  The real marketing needs to start.

This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Advertising Campaign (TV/ billboards, radio etc.)
  • Leaflet Drop
  • Internet Advertising
  • Mobile/Text
  • Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.)

Funding, this is an important part of part three.  Do you have the funding available, if your funding is limited, what creative ways can you bring your brand to market?

Social media is a free marketing platform to use, and some would argue it is one of the most powerful marketing platforms.

The Fourth Step

Once the marketing has been running, the need to collect results and analyse is essential.  In order to see how the brand it taken up.  

If the marketing campaign is working and how to plan the future marketing campaigns (with any changes).

Follow up on a marketing campaign is important, whichever marketing platform you choose (television, visual advertising, radio, social media or the internet).

All marketing platforms work, but not all work for all brands.

The Brand Consumer Relationship

The brand to consumer relationship, also called the consumer to brand or brand relationship, is how well a brand and consumers are connected.

Is it a strong relationship or a weak one?

A positive connection or a negative one? Are consumers functionally connected to your brand or are they emotionally connected to it?

The best brand connections are strong, positive and emotionally rooted. These are the connections that help turn buyers from one-time purchasers into lifelong brand advocates.  Have a think of some of the brands that immediately spring to your mind, now consider why those brands?

Choosing A Branding Agency

There are hundreds of marketing companies that offer brand marketing.  The trick is, finding an agency that has a knowledge and understanding of your industry and marketplace.

What demonstrations of success can the agency show you, why should you choose them and not the agency next door? 

This will give them a better chance of tracking buying patterns and plotting marketing success. Rather than spending time searching websites on google. 

A lot of money can be spent on branding, if it is not done right, it will be money down the drain.  A lot of companies have tried and failed, in fact there are more failures to branding than there are successes.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local branding agencies. We want to ensure your brand is as successful as possible and you are paying the agency as little as possible.

Remember, all branding companies are private businesses and your money is better off in their bank account, is what they think.  Be smart, compare quotes, compare agencies.

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