Choosing A Telemarketing Agency

Choosing A Telemarketing AgencyChoosing A Telemarketing Agency Is Not Easy

Choosing a telemarketing agency can be difficult, as there are over 400 in the UK to choose from.  Large agencies, freelancers, all with different telemarketing experience and different industry experience.

We advise you talking with agencies that have experience in working within your industry sector.  

Price comparison is a fast way for you to find the right telemarketing agency for your business.

If you are looking for more appointments, you need to talk to an expert agency!  

They can book you new appointments within hours.

Why Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a tried and tested form of marketing.  A quick phone call can result in an order, you never know.

Telemarketing is unique as it is one of the few pro-active forms of marketing that has the front line of marketing for many UK businesses.

Of course telemarketing does not suit every business.  The first step is to asses whether your product/service and your target market lend themselves to telemarketing.

Telemarketing can be done very effectively in house, but can also be done by outsourcing this to an agency.

How To Choose The Right Agency

Choosing a telemarketing agency is hard.  When considering using an agency, the problem is always the same, the sheer number of  agencies around the UK to choose from. 

There are hundreds of firms and many claim ‘we are the UK’s number 1 telemarketing agency’.

There are a few things that need to be done before choosing an agency:

  • Find out how long they have been going – are they experienced in calling?
  • Find out their industry experience – do they know your market?
  • Ask about their resources – do they have support services?
  • What are their fees like – how do their rates compare to other agencies?
  • Can they offer any guarantees – if they produce nothing, do you still have to pay?

These are the main questions that need to be considered, but it is all about working with them.  

Choosing a telemarketing agency that you can trust and is good at what they do is important.  

But reducing your risk is wise.  

We simply aim to offer helpful cold calling advice to UK companies.

Marketing Data

Marketing data is an essential part of any telemarketing campaign.

Many telemarketing companies have data, but it is unlikely that they will have the data you require.

You know what businesses you wish to target, what size company and the person you wish to engage with.  Requesting this data from the agency gives them the chance to either supply it or purchase it for you.

The alternative is you purchasing the contacts yourself from a data broker, and then supplying it to the agency as a CSV file that they can upload to their CRM system.

Don’t Trust Testimonials

Pretty much all companies use website testimonials, however our advice is to not give these any weight.

Any telemarketing company is only going to put reviews from happy customers onto their website rather than the clients they have worked with and been unsuccessful.

Testimonial’s can also be made up.  Have you ever noticed how brand new companies that have just started trading suddenly have great reviews from happy customers?

Review Their Website

As above, reviewing their website with a touch of salt.

Their website was most likely produced by a website designer, which is putting bells and whistles on the telemarketing company.  Glowing reviews, a professional looking office with happy smart staff that have perfect makeup and a shirt and tie.

Their website is a marketing tool, as all company websites are, so choosing a telemarketing company based on a professional looking website is unwise.

Consider Their Experience

How long has the telemarketing been trading, how experienced are the staff.

Many university students take on a telemarketing job for extra money or a part time job.  The staff may not be professional sales people, which is what you are paying for.

As soon as you contact a telemarketing company, they want to bring you on as a client.  They will be selling you their services as they see you as a source of income.  This is not what you want, you want to choose the right agency that can produce you results.

Ask For A Trial

Many telemarketing companies now offer trials, trials to prove that they can handle the campaign and produce results.   It is very unlikely that this trial will be free, but they might offer a reduced day rate.

It is always worth asking for a few days to ‘test the water’.  

The telemarketing agency needs to prove themselves.  Choosing a telemarketing agency should not be a leap in the dark.

Shop Around And Compare Telemarketing Quotes

All agencies have different fees, so comparing telemarketing prices is wise. 

The cheapest agency does not make them the best, but then again, paying the highest fee does not guarantee ROI.  

We want to help you to find the right agency at the right price.  

Don’t go with the first company you see on google, they may not be the right one for you.

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