Construction Exhibitions

Construction ExhibitionsAre You Planning To Exhibit At A Forthcoming Construction Exhibition?

There are a wide number of construction exhibitions 2012 to choose from.  

Choosing a good exhibition stand designer is possibly one of the most important things you can do to prepare for your event.

The construction industry has been through a rough time over the last 3-4 years with the downturn and recession the construction sector has been on the firing line as regards closures and job losses.

Many construction exhibitions have also been cancelled due to exhibitors not attending and also visitors to the events dropping.  Even material handling exhibitions have been in decline.

Construction Exhibitions 2012

We are now half way through 2011 and so far a few shows have already been cancelled (Interbuild, SED etc.) however there are still a few construction exhibitions that are still due to take place this year:

  • West Wales Buildagex 2011 (September in Wales)
  • Tool Fair 2011 (September in Coventry)
  • Ecoshowcase (September in London)
  • Sussexbuild (October in Crawley)
  • Ideal Home Show Scotland (October in Scotland)
  • Big Green Home Show (October in Swindon)

The construction industries main show was the Interbuild show; however as this has been cancelled, the remaining shows do tend to be much smaller and more regionalised.

Choosing A Construction Stand Builder

If you are due to attend a local construction exhibition 2012, it is good to talk to an exhibition stand designer that has a track record in the construction sector.

There are hundreds of exhibition stand designers around the UK.  

It does make logical sense to work with one that has a track record of working with construction companies or doing marketing for builders.

Knowing the construction sector is important in stand design; as stand designers will know what does work and what does not.

For stand designers, if they have construction marketing experience, this will give them the edge on all the other hundreds of other stand designers around the UK.

Another thing to consider is give aways.  Promotional gifts for construction firms work very well at construction exhibitions and events.

Compare Exhibition Stand Design Prices

Whatever size exhibition stand you are considering, it is always good to shop around and compare quotes.

All stand designers set their own prices so it is wise to compare to find the best deal.  

Construction exhibitions 2012 need to be successful.  

You need to be prepared. One important thing to remember, is that all exhibition stand designers are in business to make profit, to pay for larger houses, a new car, another holiday.

It is good to pay a reasonable price for a good stand, but do not overpay and help the stand designer pay for their winter ski holiday.  

If you want to compare exhibition stand design prices, just fill out the form above.  

Like any price comparison website, we want to help you get the best designer for the lowest price.

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