Exhibtion Stand Designers Prices

With hundreds of exhibition stand designers in the UK to choose from, comparing exhibition stand designers prices is essential.  Since all set their own fees, exhibition stand prices vary considerably.

Why Do Stand Design Prices Vary So Much?

Exhibition stand designers prices vary for a few reasons, but it is mainly to do with the fees that each agency sets. The costs will vary depend on a few different factors: There are around 600 exhibition stand designers around the UK and each one charges different prices for their stands.  There are many more companies based overseas that will export to the UK market (which we advise staying away from).  For this reason, exhibition stand designers prices does vary.

Know What Sort Of Stand Is Needed?

Do you need a stand for a one off event at the NEC?  If so, it may be better to rent an exhibition stand rather than pay out for one to be produced and only used once. The size of your floor space will determine what kind is needed.  If it is only a small area, then maybe a pop up stand is required.  If it is large, then a bespoke exhibition stand is better. The more design that is needed (in terms of display panels) the more the costs will be.  If stands need meeting rooms, a bar, conference facilities, computer terminals, then the costs will also go up.  Exhibition stand designers prices go up with more elaborate designs, as there is more work involved.

Choosing A  Designer

One thing to bear in mind when considering different exhibition stand designers prices, is that they are all private companies.  All privately owned by people looking to grow and expand.  All have staff, offices, owners (that need cars, holidays, school fees for children).  So shopping around to ensure that value for money is found is important (rather than contributing to someone’s children’s school fees).

Get Multiple Quotes

We do advise talking to a few different agencies before deciding on who to use, as costs do vary.  We do encourage you to get 3-4 quotes and proposals to compare.

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