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A custom built stand is the ultimate in exhibition stands.  

They are designed for high visibility, and high impact.  They are built to impress and entertain customers.  

The stand will make you stand out just by their very size will make visitors take notice.  

There are literally hundreds of exhibition stand designers that can produce a stand for you.  

However choosing the right agency could take time – how do you select the right one?

This is where we can help, by getting your quotes from 5 exhibition stand designers that know your industry sector to compare.

Why Choose Custom Built Stands?

You need to impress your customers and industry.  

They are all attending the show and you want to be the main event. 

Your stand can be as grand as you want.

 It can have features such as meeting areas, swimming pools, conference areas, product demonstrations.

Many global businesses use custom built stands to reinforce brand dominance.  This may not to directly result in business on the day, just brand awareness.

They can be seen from a long way off and very often create a buzz that other stands such as small pop up display stand or modular display stands just do not do. 

Having additional features such as graphics suspended from the ceiling, music, strobe lighting will only reinforce and strengthen your brand.

On most custom built stands it is popular to have a free bar for VIP guests as well as models serving. 

Events usually are short so it is important to make the most of the short time.  Take into account the cost of the event, your staff and the stand.

How Much Do Custom Built Stands Cost?

Custom built stands can vary in cost considerably depending on the size and features they have. 

A stand occupying a floor space of 8m x 8m will be much cheaper than one occupying 50m squared. 

Some stands are super high impact especially for global events or super large companies (such as Sony, Microsoft etc.).

Custom stands can cost anything from £20,000 up to £500,000  depending on the features, the design and the profit of the design firm.

Take into account additional exhibition stand graphics and artwork.  Good graphics will help enhance your stand.  The other factor that effects the cost is the designer.  

All marketing agencies are independent companies. They all charge a mark up to cover their costs and profit margins.  Shopping around for quotes is essential!

Who Can Design One

There are many hundreds of exhibition stand designers around the UK that will happily design and produce one for you. 

There are also many companies that will take on the job also (possibly at less cost) not to mention the many overseas stand designers.  

Whether you are exhibiting at the NEC, or O2, custom built stands will make you stand out!

It is highly advised to shop around and get quotes, all companies will quote different prices and some are much more expensive than others.

Normally, the design company will organise for the stand to be stored, set up and taken down offering a complete exhibition package.

Final Advice On Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Many businesses ask about choosing the right agency; this would be done based on specific criteria (as there are 100’s around).

We feel the criteria would be as follows:

  • Location – Choose a local stand designer so you can visit them
  • Experience – Choose an agency that knows your industry/market
  • Price – Compare prices from different designers

Based on these three simple things, you should be able to find the right agency at the right price.  

We want you to have a successful event, and a custom built stand can help you achieve this.

Like any price comparison website, we want to help you find the best exhibition stand, for the best price. For quotes on custom built exhibition stands, just fill in the form.

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