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Facebook advertising is extremely popular.  It is a very effective form of advertising that is very affordable.  But does advertising on facebook or any social media advertising work for everyone?

The Story Of Facebook

Mark has created a great marketing tool that is used by millions of businesses around the world from top brands down to independent coaches.  

The interesting thing is that he never set out to do this.  He just wanted to create a platform for university students at Harvard to share pictures and interact.

Facebook launched in 2004 and has changed and evolved as Mark developed his idea into where we see it today and where it can go tomorrow.

The Development Of Meta

As Facebook has developed and grown, the need for segmentation was needed, the parent company Meta was launched to oversee Facebook products past present and future.

If you are interested in advertising on Facebook, then we do advise you talking to a professional marketing agency about getting a campaign up and running.  

You can do it yourself, but the problem is the time it takes to set up campaigns and monitor them.

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from local specialists.

How The Adverts Work

Normally, the adverts are based on certain criteria (location, age, gender, interests, friends etc.). The more information that people submit, the better the adverts can be targeted, as Facebook makes ‘character profiles’ on people so as to direct adverts to them.

The Growth Of Mobile

Facebook advertising always wanted to be subtle, unlike Google in the early days that had adverts on the right hand side.  Now adverts are at the top of the main search results and mixed into lower results.

Facebook knows that most people use mobile phones to access the platform, and as such Facebook on mobile looks very different to the desktop version.

Facebook adverts are mixed into your ‘wall/feed’ or whatever it is now called, to make the adverts appear like posts rather than adverts.  Clever.

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

The costs are based on the same concept as PPC advertising.  A fee is paid to a marketing agency to setup and monitor the campaign.  A fee is paid to Facebook each time someone (anyone) clicks on the advert. 

The CPC (cost per click) is generally quite low however if children or foreigners etc. are clicking on the adverts, then a lot of money could be spend without any results.  There is no way to prevent ‘click fraud’, yet. Marketing agencies can set up a social media marketing campaign for you very quickly.

Does advertising on Facebook actually work?  Well, this depends.  It depends on what products or services you have.  It depends on who you are targeting.  Like any marketing campaign, it needs to be planned out as part of your marketing strategy.

Grow Your Facebook Family Organically

Advertising on Facebook can be hit or miss, depending on what exactly your are looking for.

If you are looking to sell products (dog food for example) targeting dog owners or relying on sales to cover costs may not be a good idea.

If you are a bank and just want to use your adverts as brand awareness, then this is a good option.  Many universities, banks, insurance websites, soft drink brands use Facebook advertising for brand awareness rather than selling.

Facebook is free for businesses to use, so some helpful advise is to make use of this by posting regularly and trying to grow your Facebook followers organically.

Compare Multiple Quotes

All marketing agencies set their own fees, so we advise shopping around and comparing quotes.  Facebook advertising is a very powerful form of marketing and can be used by all companies or any sort.

Facebook advertising has been running for 20 years now, so there are many marketing agencies that have been doing it a long time and should know what they are doing.

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