Fitness Exhibitions And Events

Fitness Exhibitions And EventsAre You Planning To Attend Any Fitness Exhibitions?

Fitness exhibitions are a great way for you to promote yourselves, your products, services and message.

Although the fitness industry is struggling at the moment, many fitness businesses find that events and promotional launches are still very helpful.

Conference Centres

For many fitness companies, using conference centres (such as the NEC in Birmingham, the Olympia in London) are not as effective as they once were.  

Due mainly to the costs involved.  Renting floor space, a stand, taking staff away for 2-3 days, hotel bills all add up.

More and more people prefer using the internet rather than taking a day out to wanted around an event, and certainly it is a lot cheaper looking around a website than travelling to an exhibition venue.

Events In Shopping Centres

Many fitness companies are utilising the concept of events at shopping centres.  

By having promotional staff or a staged event to promote and market their fitness products, services.  This is something Les Mills makes use of. As people are shopping they do get approached by people giving out free samples, taking surveys or stop to watch a performer/event taking place. 

These can be very effective events in raising awareness and creating new customers registering for fitness services and products.

Organising A Fitness Event

Fitness exhibitions and events can be very powerful in generating awareness and market exposure. However choosing the right event organisation company is important. 

There are hundreds of event organisers around the UK; selecting one that knows the fitness industry is important, one that knows about fitness marketing.

Compare Prices

There are a wide range of marketing companies around the UK.  As a price comparison website we want to help you find the right marketing agency for the right price.  

If you needed an exhibition stand, compare quotes from local exhibition stand designers.

All marketing agencies are independent companies, so set their own fees.  If you want any of your fitness exhibitions to be successful, you have to shop around and compare quotes.

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