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PPC Advertising For Fitness CompaniesCompare Quotes On PPC Advertising For Fitness Companies

Since most people use the internet, PPC for fitness companies plays an important marketing roll. Whether you are a leading company like Les Mills, or a freelance fitness trainer,

PPC for fitness companies is a low cost and targeted form of marketing.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local PPC companies that know the health and fitness industry.

Do Fitness Companies Need To Use Paid Advertising

In the UK there are thousands of fitness companies of all shapes, sizes and kinds.  Ranging from gyms, fitness instructors, sports drinks companies, gym equipment manufacture/retail, fitness magazines.

For this reason, competing for market share is something that is high, and as there are only 10 spaces on page 1 of search engines.  This means that the only other option for companies is to pay for page 1 exposure.

Most people are conditioned to adverts, however these days, adverts on search engines are becoming more relevant.  Therefore paid exposure is in some ways just as good as being listed naturally.

Rarely to web users stray past page 1 of a web search, if they do not find what they are looking for, they normally type something else in to bring up a different set of results.

Paid advertising (PPC) is a great way to get visibility 24 hours a day (or selected hours if necessary) for any search term of keyword for your fitness business.

Choosing An Agency

For many companies, the problem exists in choosing the right company to use. 

There are lots of UK based agencies (hundreds) and many from overseas that advertise into the UK, making things confusing.

Selecting someone that does have experience in the industry is wise, as they will have a better idea of how to set the campaign up, what keywords to target and how to position it to be effective. 

It is logical to use a company that has worked in the industry before, has current clients that are health clients and has fitness marketing experience.

It is not necessary to meet up with a company, but it cannot hurt to have a face to face meeting, to chat through strategies and objectives face to face.

Compare Costs On PPC For Fitness Companies

Cost is always a factor, but the main factor to consider is that whether they can produce results.  Are clicks going through and are those clicks turning into paid customers?

All charge different fees, some per month, some charge a % of your monthly spend (10% or so). 

Shopping around and comparing PPC costs is not much different to comparing quotes for insurance, clothes or anything else; it is not about finding the cheapest, but the best.

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