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PR For Civil EngineersPublic Relations Support For Civil Engineering

PR for civil engineers is very popular, as it is such an effective form of marketing.  

The issue many face if finding a suitable PR agency, as there are so many around with varying sector experience.  

We always advise looking at agencies that have done PR for civil engineers in the past and know about marketing in the construction industry.

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UK Civil Engineering

The construction industry in the UK is doing quite well at the moment, despite the downturn in the construction sector back in 2007.  The institute for civil engineers is also positive about the industry.

There are always new construction projects going on.  Whether it be London Underground, larger projects such as the new Wembley stadium, motorway maintenance or bridge building, down to housing projects.  

For this reason, the media is needed to raise the profile of your business.

UK Civil Engineering Companies

The UK is speckled with a variety of firms, ranging from the big players such as:

  • Balfour Beatty
  • Carillion (Closed in 2018)
  • Atkins
  • Keltbray
  • Arup

There are hundreds of smaller civil engineers that deal with smaller engineering projects.  For each, PR for civil engineers is very important.

Industry Focus

There are a wide number of construction focused publications around the UK that offer specialist marketing and support for PR and press releases:

  • New Civil Engineer
  • The Engineer
  • Institution Of Civil Engineers

The construction industry has a wide and diverse group of media publications; but these are mostly focused on civil engineering.

Construction Focused Media Coverage

The UK is not yet out of recession, and this cannot be felt anywhere more than the construction sector. 

Although the industry is busy things can drop off if funding for capital projects is dropped, or is sliced for whatever reason.  Funding is always an issue for capital projects, and civil engineering is the first sector to suffer should this happen.

PR for civil engineering is important for companies like yours, due to the volatile nature of the sector currently.  You need media coverage for crisis PR.  For any accidents that may happen on site, you need to be quick to react to the media response.  

PR is good also for brand awareness, so your name is seen and heard.

There are a wide number of PR agencies that work in and around this sector, and it is advisable to work with a company that knows the market.

Compare Multiple Quotes

As a price comparison website, we do encourage your to shop around.  

All agencies set their own fees, so PR prices will vary considerably.  

PR for civil engineers does not have to be expensive, but does need to be compared by agencies that know about PR for construction companies.

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