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There are over 15 PR agencies in Aberdeen.

These range from smaller PR firms up to larger marketing firms that offer public relations as part of a mix of marketing services.  

In addition Aberdeen has 5 specialist PR companies in Aberdeen that offer PR alongside other marketing services such as website design and branding.  

There are in addition website designers in Aberdeen that can support your PR campaign with media coverage.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 PR companies in Aberdeen that know your industry sector.

Local Business

Aberdeen is prospering once again, filled with growing companies, enthusiastic people and new money. 

Thanks to the growth in Aberdeen University, new local businesses are being established and adding to the industry flavour of the ever growing city.

The boost that oil companies such as Faroe Petroleum, Nexen, SunCor UK and many others has brought, means that all surrounding businesses grow with them.

Selecting An Agency

Due to the varied mix of PR agencies in Aberdeen, it does make practical sense to stay local, as opposed to using an agency in say Carlisle or Dundee.  

As a quick visit from time to time would be relatively simple.  It is good to meet up with an agency for a several reasons:

  • Meet the team
  • A chance to review the campaign and discuss performance
  • Talk about their industry experience
  • Build a personal relationship

There are many advantages in working with local PR agencies in Aberdeen, but supporting a local business is also a valid reason.

For effective PR it is always wise to select someone that has already worked in your industry.  Someone who is familiar with the issues of your business, and has already established relationships with media companies.

Compare Prices

If you find an agency that ticks all the boxes above, then the next thing to do is to compare quotes. 

As all PR agencies in Scotland are unique and privately owned businesses.  

All PR companies in Aberdeen charge different rates and after all they are in business to make profit.  

There is the need to shop around to get several quotes and find what is a reasonable price to pay for a campaign.  

PR prices should always be compared as they will vary, not just company to company, but also depending on what is required.

A Snapshot Of Aberdeen

It is the third most populated City in Scotland, after Edinburgh and Glasgow.  

Known for its granite buildings and stunning Gothic architecture; and in many ways ‘solid’.

Aberdeen originally prospered due to Robert the Bruce having endowed the city with the distinction of being a ‘Royal City’ in 1311.  

The two universities, ‘University of Aberdeen’ and ‘the Robert Gordon University’, were founded almost 200 years after in 1495. 

More recently it’s industry has boomed thanks to North Sea Oil, and in fact in January 2011 it was named one of the 5 cities that was most likely to pull the UK out of the recession.  

Due to rising employment, skilled workforce and rising wages.  According to council statistics, the population currently is around 200,000 and growing.

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