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There are over 30 PR agencies in Derby, ranging from smaller freelancers and PR ’boutiques’, up to larger PR companies that work with larger businesses in the UK and around the world.  

There are also a number of larger marketing agencies stationed in and around Derby.  

As the city is quite central and within striking distance of Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent.  Some offer public relations along with other marketing services, such as advertising, graphic design and branding services.

There are many website designers in Derby that can support your PR campaign via online and social media.  Your website will require to be updated with new press releases that are produced.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR agencies in Derby that know your industry sector.

Selecting A Local Expert

There are also many branding companies in Derby that offer PR as part of their services.  

As Derby has such a wide selection of marketing companies, it does make sense to use a local agency, rather than one that is from another city.  

The main reason being ease of meetings.  It is far easier arranging meetings with an agency down the road, rather than one hundreds of miles away. 

Local is always better as a strong relationship can be built up, leading to an effective campaign.  Added to this is industry experience.  

If you can find a company that is in Derby, that knows your industry with all its ramifications, then this should give them a much better start in launching a successful campaign.

If a suitable agency cannot be found locally, there are plently of PR agencies in Nottingham, that are only half an hours drive to the east.

Compare Quotes From Experts

All PR agencies in Derby large and small are being effected by the recession, and there is the need to shop around and compare quotes.  

As all companies are different, all charge differently, so by getting a few local quotes, you should not overspend.  

PR prices do tend to vary significantly, so by shopping around, you should hopefully find the right agency for the best price.

A Few Words About Derby

Derby is the main town of the county of Derbyshire and is situated almost precisely in the centre of England.  

It is rich in history, not least because it was where Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army turned back, and has many historic buildings.

Considered the heart of the Industrial revolution in 1717, it was where the world’s first water powered silk mill was founded.  

Derby has been historically known for textile and cotton manufacture, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive (famously Rolls Royce) and the rail industry.  It is considered to be the city in England that is furthest from the sea.  

However the Plimsoll line, a safety mark used on the hulls of ships to this day, was devised by Derby’s MP in 1876.  

The population of Derby is just over 200,000 according to council records.

Derby was a target for the German Luftwaffe during WWII and also suffered Zeppelin raids during WWI.  

The city has a population of around 300,000 which thanks in part to Derby University is growing.

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