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There are some 35 PR agencies in Hereford, most of which are very small, perhaps only 3-4 staff, and freelancers.  

Most of the larger firms are based in the major towns and cities nearby.  

There are also 15 marketing companies in the city that offer public relations as part of a broader range of marketing services, such as graphic design, local web designers in Hereford and advertising.  There are also a number of PR companies in Hereford that focus on specific industry sectors.  

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Choosing A Local Agency

It makes good sense to use a local company, rather than one that is miles away. There is always the loyalty that comes with working with someone from your locality, rather than someone that is hundreds of miles away, and who you only communicate with by means of e-mail or ‘phone.  

A further advantage of working with a local company is that it is easy to have meetings with them (in a COVID secure way of course), get to know the team and present your business to them.  

This should lead to a much more targeted campaign to the industry you are in. Which leads on to something that is essential when choosing a consultant, and that is experience.

From the thousands of agencies that there are in the UK, choosing one who knows your market, who has contacts in the media, and an appreciation of trends, is much to be preferred over one who has no experience at all.

Compare Prices

All PR companies in Hereford work individually, all have different skills, backgrounds and prices.  

PR prices vary depending on the amount of work that goes into the campaign and the type of media that is targeted, whether it be national or local.  However another factor is the cost of the consultant themselves, how much profit they need to make and the overheads they have.  

It is wise to compare prices to be sure that you do not over spend.

Hereford In A Snapshot

It is the County Town of Herefordshire and is based on the river Wye.  The name comes from the Anglo Saxon ‘here’, a platoon of soldiers, and ‘ford’, a river crossing.  

The great cathedral dates from 1079, just after the Norman conquest in 1066, and contains the largest medieval map in existence, dating from the 13th century.  

It also is home to the oldest inhabited building in the UK which dates from 1204.  It has around 60,000 people within the city and a wide variety of businesses in the area, which are historically involved in farming, and brewing beer and cider.

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