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There are over 50 PR agencies in Leeds, a real mix of talent from freelancer to large firms.  

Leeds is one of the main cities in the North of England, and as such has drawn in skills and businesses to have offices in the city. 

There are around 100 marketing companies in Leeds, in addition to stand alone firms, who offer public relations as part of a broader range of marketing services.  

There are many PR agencies in Leeds that focus on specific industry sectors such as engineering or finance. We can help you get quotes from 5 local PR companiesin Leeds that know your industry sector.

Experience Matters

If the agency knows your sector, your marketplace then they should have connections to the media publications you would want to be found in.

If they know your product/service, then they are going to be in a stronger position to get you the best media coverage.

Choosing A Local Agency

Selecting the right agency is essential in order to get value for money, good media coverage and a marketing relationship that can be built on over many years.  

Even though there are lots of PR agencies in Leeds to consider, finding the right one is important.  Consider the following:

  • Location – Working with an agency close by is wise so you can meet them easily
  • Size – Selecting an agency that is able to offer appropriate support is essential.  Global companies need global PR
  • Experience – Choosing an agency that has a track record in your market is very important
  • Cost – How much are they charging for media support; is this reasonable; have you compared quotes?

There are hundreds of PR agencies in Yorkshire, many of which are local. 

There are around 30 PR agencies in Bradford, which is close by, and with the road network around the city, visiting a local firm should not be too difficult.

By following the guidelines above, you should be able to find a suitable expert that can offer you the right level of support, and hopefully one that can work with you for a long period of time.

Shopping around and comparing PR prices is important as there are no standard rates; generally the larger the agency, the higher their rates, as they may have higher paid staff and bigger offices.  

PR agencies in Leeds set their own fees, so shop around.

A Few Words About Leeds

It is a large city in the West of Yorkshire with a population of about half a million according to council data.

The name ‘Leeds” derives from the forest Loidis which existed in the area in the 5th century.  

It remained a small agricultural town until the Industrial Revolution when wool, textiles and brewing came to the area.  

With the decline of the textile industry over the decades following the Second World War.  As a result of cheap manufacture overseas, the city has seen new industries move in such as the services industry and finance.

In the 21st century it is a hub of business, ranging from manufacturing, finance, publishing, and brewing to retail services.

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