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There are around 10 PR agencies in Newmarket, most of these are freelance public relations consultants working from home or rented offices. 

There are around 7 larger marketing companies in town, that offer public relations alongside other marketing services, generally for larger clients that are looking for a broader support, such as digital marketing, web applications and branding.  

There are several larger PR companies in Cambridge that work in specific industry sectors.

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Choosing Someone Local

Generally speaking, it is always best working with a firm that is local, as opposed to one that is hours drive away. 

There are not that many agencies around Newmarket.  But there are more PR agencies in Cambridge, which is nearby, and which has drawn more agencies.  Due to its reputation as a university town, and global position as a city of interest.

When starting a campaign a meeting is essential, to ensure there is complete understanding.  

Meetings play such an important role in the communication process; phones and e-mail are great for confirmations and short messages, but for strategy meetings are essential. 

Review meetings are also important.  If you can meet the agency once every couple of months, once the campaign is running, to look at progress and chat about improvements.  This should be more efficient than an e-mail asking how things are.

Another factor is to give you assurances that the PR agencies in Newmarket are what they claim.  So often these days, companies can say what they want on their website, showing pictures of great offices; yet work out of their bedrooms.

All PR companies in Newmarket are different sizes, some large, some small; selecting one that is the right size for your business is also important.  If your business is large, then having a firm that has resources and national or even international clout is important; similarly, if your business is new, then selecting a global agency unnecessary.

Industry Experience

It has been said that knowledge is power and experience counts for everything; in selecting an experienced agency they should have a grasp on your industry.

Having industry contacts is helpful, not just in getting featured in the right media, but for getting a quick return on investment.  If the agency knows your sector, they should be able to get your campaign up and running quicker.

Compare Prices

All PR companies in Newmarket charge differently, therefore PR prices will vary from agency to agency.

Generally speaking, the larger the firm, the higher their overheads, the higher their staff costs, profit margins are; smaller firms charge less normally as they have lower running costs or may just be trying to attract new clients to gain momentum.

This service can be a very cost effective form of marketing, but can also become very expensive; the best thing to do is to shop around and compare prices from local companies.

A Few Words About Newmarket

It is a  market town is in Suffolk, just east of Cambridge, and has a population of around 15,000 according to council details.

It is considered to be the birthplace of horse racing, and is home to over 3,000 race horses, spread over 50 stables.  Racing can be traced back as far as 1174, when the flat ground was discovered by James I as being perfect for galloping.

The town is dedicated to horse racing, being the global centre for thoroughbred horse racing, thanks in no small measure to the patronage of successive Kings and Queens who took an interest in the sport.

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